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What Just Dawned On me.

Updated on October 10, 2009

It just dawned on me!!


Morning cracks open my eyes
like a pair of soft boiled eggs,
limbs creak and sheets rustle
as each muscle stretches in protest,
at the thought of a cold floor
chilling my soles on the way to my
morning constitutionals.
"We the people in order to form
a more perfect union
do solemnly swear to defecate
bidette, shower and shave, deodorize
brush, floss, splash on cologne
and make presentable our flesh
to inhabit the quarters of others
so...Help me God.....
All in the space of twenty minutes
while sleep dirt clouds the vision
and the winds howl outside
singing a dirge to what you'll face.
Clean shaven you exit your house as snow is driven
into freshly plucked nostril hair
leaving frozen folly...colds....
Car seat like a vinyl ice pack
keeping your derierre fresher,
heater physically retarded
failing to warm what seems
colder then outside.
Windshield wipers do an ice capade
carving tiny view ports in the
huge expanse of frosted glass.
Coffee cup propped
between glass and dash
pop tart half eaten
some form of blueberry mash.
The sun has yet to see
the light of day
and the day has yet to
see the light of the sun.
Only your headlights
cut the darkness
that squats and resembles a sweater
filled with falling dandruff.
The dream you enjoyed
so rudely interrupted by that shrill alarm
now is not recallable as you
enter the freeway of life.
The destination doesn't matter
it's the getting there that's hard.
It's a ritual repeated by millions
across the planet
with minor changes in proceedure
according to sexual status ,
and you realize as you exit the night
and greet the new day
that just dawned on you
and felt like hell!


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