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What Lay Wanting In The Dark

Updated on May 7, 2017

Part One: Teddy Is Lost

September 5th: 8:00 PM

Mrs Jane Allison was in the kitchen of her new home. Her daughter's name was Haley. Mom entered Haley's bedroom to find Haley sitting on the bed.

"Did you find Teddy?" asked Haley. Haley referred to her Teddy Bear as Teddy.

"No honey. He wasn't in any of the boxes we packed." Mom replied.

"Maybe he's still in the truck." Haley was referring to the movers that had moved all the heavy appliances.

Mom smiled. "Maybe." She paused, "It's time to get ready for bed. Go brush your teeth."

Haley got up and went out of the bedroom. She walked through the kitchen, down the back hallway and into the bathroom.

Mom watched Haley brush her teeth. Then she walked with Haley back to Haley's bedroom.

"You want to sleep with your stuffed bunny?"

Haley hesitate, "Okay, Mommy. But only until we find Teddy."

Mom tucked Haley into bed and kissed her on the forehead. "Sweet dreams."

Mom continued putting the dishes on the shelf of the cabinet above the kitchen sink.

September 5th 8:30 PM

Mom went to Haley's bedroom because she thought she heard Haley conversing with someone. But when she got there Haley was alone. She gave Haley a glass of warm milk and bidded her good night.

Part Two: Voices

September 5th: 9:10 PM

Mom heard a sharp noise.

"Haley, stop playing and go to sleep." Mom said in a loud voice.

Mom approached Haley's bedroom. She noted that the door was shut. "Haley, did you close this door?"

"No." Haley responded.

Mom opened the door.

Haley was along side her bureau with her hands on the wall. "Mommy, I found Teddy!"

"You did?"

"Yeah. He's in the wall, Mommy"

"Sweetie, He couldn't be in the wall. No work was done on this wall."

"But mommy. I heard him. He said 'I love you' "

Mom's face paled as she focused on a new three inch long ragged horizontal crack in the wall. She looked down at the baseboard and saw chips of paint and plaster on the floor and on the top part of the baseboard. She knew Haley did not have the strength to cause such damage.

"Mommy? Mommy, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, sweetie. How would you like to sleep with mommy tonight?"

"Can I bring my bunny?"

"Sure, you can."

Mom walked Haley from Haley's room to mom's room.

September 5th: 9:45 PM

Mom heard voices coming from Haley's bedroom.

She rushed into Haley's bedroom.

Haley was sitting on her bed.

"Sweetie, why did you come back into your bedroom?"

"Angie called me."

"Who is Angie?"

"She's in the wall with Teddy." Haley said, "I think she is mad at Teddy."


"Cause Teddy cracked the wall." Haley pointed to the wall,

Mom glanced at the crack in the wall. Mom became anxious but tried to hide it from Haley.

"Sweetie, Your Teddy would never crack the wall. Your Teddy was sweet and cuddly."

A tear dripped down Haley's face. "I want my Teddy."

"We'll find your Teddy."


"I promise." Mom hugged Haley, "Now go back into my bedroom."

"Can I play in your room?"


Haley picked up her bunny and went into mom's room.

Mom followed Haley into her room and got a silver cross. She brought the silver cross into Haley's room and hung it on the wall with the crack.

"Now I'll find out who this Angie really is" Mom thought to herself.

Mom sat on the bed.

September 5th: 10:15 PM

Mom looked up when she heard a rumbling inside the wall opposite the wall with the crack. She saw a pair of ram horns and fiery eyes appear on the wall. As an arm slowly reached out for her, she jumped from the bed and ran out of the room.

"Haley," She tried not to sound panicky.

"Yes, mommy." Haley came into the kitchen.

She led Haley to the front door.

"Where are we going?" Haley asked.

Mom didn't answer. As she walked Haley to the car, Haley repeated the question.

"I'll tell you later." Mom opened the car door. Haley sat down in the back seat. Mom buckled her up and then sat in the front seat. She drove the car to a commuter parking lot Then she shut off the engine.

"Why are we stopping here?" asked Haley.

"Would you like to spend the night at Grandma's?"

Haley's face lit up. She shook her head up and down. "Oh yes!"

Mom drove Haley to Grandma's house and then drove to the church she always attended on Sundays.

Part Three: Battle With The Demon

September 5th: 11:00 PM

Mom phoned Father Griffin and told him she needed to speak to him.

She arrived at the church and met Father Griffin in the rectory. They proceeded to his office where he offered her a seat and then sat behind his desk.

"What is this about?" He asked.

"I think there is a demon in my daughter's bedroom wall." She proceeded to explain what happened. Then she said, "Could you please provide me with some holy water."

"I strongly urge you to contact Father Elwell. He is an experienced exorcist "

"Thanks for the advice, but I'm sure I can handle this."

"I've known you since you were twelve years old. You've had absolutely no experience with demons. An attempted exorcism can be a deadly experience. Your daughter needs you alive. Phone Father Elwell."

"If I fail, I will phone Father Elwell."

The Father Griffin gave her some crosses and some holy water. "If you fail, you may not be able to call Father Elwell."

After mom left, Father Griffin phoned Father Elwell.

September 5th: 11:30 PM

Mom arrived home. She unlocked the front door and entered. She left the door wide open.

She walked directly into Haley's bedroom and placed a cross on each of the two walls that were adjacent to the wall with the crack in it. Now only one wall did not have a cross on it

Mom's hand was shaking. She took a deep breath and faced the only wall that did not have a cross on it. She called the demon by it's name "Angie."

The demon appeared on the wall. It's eyes were fiery and it's body was constantly morphing.

Mom was petrified and did not realize she dropped the cross on the floor.

The demon roared as the cross fell so that mom would not hear the cross hit the floor.

The demon's arm reached out of the wall.

Mom sprinkled holy water on its arm. The demon let out a horrible loud scream that hurt mom's ears and pulled back it's arm.

"Why are you here? What do you want?" asked Mom.

The demon's hand pointed at mom. "I want you!"


"I don't need a reason."

"You can't have me!" Mom yelled emphatically as she sprinkled more holy water on the demon. She looked for her cross. It was laying on the floor a few feet away. As she moved to pick up the cross, the demon's arm reached out again. She sprayed its arm and picked up the cross.

Mom held the cross in front of her while slowly approaching the demon. The demon lunged at her repeatedly while keeping a safe distance from the cross.

Each time the demon lunged at her, mom backed off a few steps. She did not realize she was getting closer to the open doorway. She screamed as she felt something touch her shoulder. She lifted her hand above her head and sprayed the holy water behind her without looking. The spray bottle slipped out of her hand and went flying over her shoulder.

Father Griffin stood behind her, holding his cross and spraying the demon with holy water. "Thanks for the blessing. Pick up the holy water container."

Mom turned and found Father Elwell standing beside her. She let out a nervous laugh, said "Hi" and picked up the container of holy water.

"We'll take over from here." Father Elwell said, "Stand by the entrance and, this time, try not to drop the cross."

"And --- " Father Griffin added, "Please pray for us throughout this ordeal."

Part Four: The Exorcism

September 5th: 11:35 PM

Father Elwell was donning a sacramental stole with numerous crosses on it. He was carrying a black shoulder bag. He opened the shoulder bag and removed two containers filed with holy water.

He also removed a plastic container with a screwed on lid. A cross was engraved on the lid. Blessed salt was in this container.

Then he removed on large silver cross and a book containing the rite of exorcism from the shoulder bag.

Father Griffin was wearing his clerical habit and was carrying a prayer book.

Father Griffin and Father Elwell entered the bedroom.

"Father Griffin" said Father Elwell, "I think I should stand on the right side of the entrance while you on the left side of the entrance."

They assumed their positions while the demon howled and growled. The demon was completely focused on mom.

Suddenly a broom went flying across the room causing both Father Ewell and Father Griffin to duck. The demon lunged forward at mom. Mom fell back against the wall while holding her cross up high and sprinkling holy water on the demon.

The demon screamed as it was getting sprayed with holy water from all three. The demon growled as it backed into the bedroom..

"That was too close for comfort. Phone Father Debaise and ask for his assistance." Father Ewell told Father Grifffin.

Father Ewell took out the container of blessed salt and spread it on the floor outside door frame. Then he closed the door and spread more blessed salt on the floor inside the door frame.

After Father Griffin completed the phone call, Father Ewell started performing the Rite of Exorcism while Father Griffin prayed fervently.

The Demon appeared on the ceiling near the wall in an attempt to maximize the distance between itself and the Priests. But Father Elwell feared that the demon was attempting to get out of the room. He squirted holy water at the demon in an attempt to keep the demon inside the room.

Father Debaise found the front door wide open when he arrived. He entered and saw mom leaning against the wall. She was holding the cross in her hand.

Father Debaise heard Father Elwell performing the Rite of Exorcism inside the bedroom. And he saw the demon on the ceiling above the wall. He prayed fervently while spraying the Demon with holy water.

He heard Father Elwell commanding the demon to leave the house. The demon let out one last ear piercing growl before disappearing.

"The demon has left the house." Father Elwell announced, "By the grace of God it's gone."

Mom breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank God that's over! Now I'm really glad you guys were here." She said to Father Griffith, Father Elwell and Father Debaise.

Father Griffin noted that mom seemed emotionally shaken by this jarring event and got her a glass of water. Then he pulled up a chair for her to sit in.

Part Five: Teddy

September 6th: 10:00 AM

Mom brought a basket of clean clothes into Haley's room. Haley was sitting on the bed playing with her stuffed bunny.

Mom sat on the bed beside Haley. Then she put her arms around Haley and hugged her while kissing her forehead.

The Mom got up and opened the closet door. She started removing Haley's clothes from the basket and hanging them on hangers.

As she hung the clothes, her foot hit a box that sat in a dark corner of the closet. She used her foot to slide the box into the light. On it was written a single word: "Teddy."

Mom picked up the box and walked out of the room without disturbing Haley. She went into the kitchen and called Father Griffin. She asked him to come over and bless Teddy. This time mom wasn't taking any chances.


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    • johnmariow profile imageAUTHOR

      John Gentile 

      20 months ago from Connecticut

      Thanks for reading my story. I'm happy you enjoyed it. Thanks for the suggestion regarding the title.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      20 months ago from Queensland Australia

      A creepy story, John. I enjoyed the read. Should the title be "What Lay WAITING in the dark?"

    • johnmariow profile imageAUTHOR

      John Gentile 

      20 months ago from Connecticut


    • johnmariow profile imageAUTHOR

      John Gentile 

      20 months ago from Connecticut

      I happy you enjoyed it.

    • deepaliawasare profile image

      Deepali Awasare 

      20 months ago from Vadodara

      Fast paced story ..... Enjoyed it

    • manatita44 profile image


      20 months ago from london

      Great pace, very entertaining and extremely well written!


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