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What Lies Beyond All Words.

Updated on October 13, 2009


What lies beyond all words



Poetry is the saccharin

it's the sweetness of life

which imitates the flavors

that grace a writer's soul

it is a sacrament to the gifted

they scrawl their prayers

in tiny missiles of truth

not in chapel books, but chapbooks

hand etched by inspiration yet

words are simply scratched pigments

on ivory parchment that ages

and crumbles and fades

but breath is a living force

and to feel the heated breath

of another tickle the hairs

on the back of your neck

or dance across your inner thighs

that is poetry beyond words

without beginnings or ends

unpunctuated by periods

or exclamation remarks

written by the comma man

to share the space of one's soul

paying rent with lip service

two sets blended in a smoothie

of passionate delight

this is uncaptureable

with gallons of ink

and forests of pulp

pounded into surfaces to catch

the inadequate words

yet still we write

attempting to grace the edges

of the joys and sorrows

faced daily by all

who are beyond words


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