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What Love is...Just one small segment explored

Updated on November 22, 2009

What love is ...just one small segment explored.



Love is a tiny smidgen
of chocolate on the rim
of the dill pickle jar of life.

It is a taste of what

heaven will be like
just a tidbit granted us here.

Love is the wet

nose of a puppy
nudging your arm for a pet.

It is a gift of life, any life,
whether by sacrificing

yours for another,
or bringing one

into the world
and caring for them.....

It's the first kiss,

and the last kiss
as someone you

cherish comes into
or fades from your life

but never your hearts,.

It's Mom's hands with

a cool cloth on a fevered brow,
whispering soft endearments

as she cares for you.

it's a commitment

not to be taken lightly,
it's a breathtaking kiss that
leaves one gasping

and grasping for more.

It is God's greatest gift to man,

and man's greatest gift to God, 
though man has often

exchanged it for lust,
and things lewd,

or broken it, lost it,
aand used it to gain.


We've divorced it, abused it,
and wasted it.


Yet it still remains there

and hoping men will
use it wisely soon and end
the sorrows of this world....


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