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What Now? a poem of realization

Updated on November 27, 2013
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What Now?

By Tony DeLorger © 2013

Why do I protest so much,

when it holds me back from my future,

keeps me from my freedom thought,

locked in a pointless battle with what cannot change.

And why do I profess to know,

all that has passed, in experience and in challenge,

when it has so often bound me to my questioning,

my moral judgments and so viewed wrongs.

My thoughts have wings,

and into misguided realms they go,

contriving circumstance and scenarios,

that are in no way useful to a forgiving mind.

Too long have I deliberated and analysed the wrongs,

rather than accept, learn and move on,

forcing myself to rewrite a past, now but a wisp of smoke,

lost in the mordant cauldron of time.

I am pale and despondent, lame from my own misgivings,

sure in the propriety of my stance and purpose,

but why do I so often feel lost,

void of all that I know and inadequate in finding balance.

Life is a mystery only solved in living, never questioning,

and all that we know is pointless without application,

without the courage of decisive movement and personal abandon,

allowing life itself to implant us with that spark, that purpose.

Within us is that spark, that beginning of time, that essence of life; find it, for it is all the nourishment you will ever need, and all burdens will cease, all love accessible and joy will find its wings.


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