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What Victory Is This? - New Dimensions to Afterlife Rewards

Updated on November 15, 2012
"Rainbow" by the author (Samuel Richardson, AKA SamboRambo). Submitted for contest
"Rainbow" by the author (Samuel Richardson, AKA SamboRambo). Submitted for contest

Most everyone feels that a good deed will not go unnoticed. This prose poem is a symbolic illustration of how rewards may be granted after mortality, if it so be that we are to enter another life after this one.

Hopefully, the poem will not only reflect Christian philosophies, but non-Christian as well. For example, the poem shows that all of us, because of the atonement of Jesus Christ, or through some other philosophy of redemption, will be rewarded with some type of salvation. But that salvation can be enhanced in other dimensions, as there are suggestions in many religions that a great award awaits those who do more than just have faith.

Here is the poem:

O Angel, thou who takest me to Rest,
Why dost thou bring me to this lowly cabin?
For surely my works deserve the rewards promised
In dreams of prophets and hopes of the faithful.

Traveler, settle with this—it is given of God
To all who followed with faith and prayer.
Thy neighbors are those from prophets to peasants;
Art thou better than they? No; all are the same.

I enter in and feel the peace
Of a home built with love—
And a garden weedless and fresh.
But I view through the window a horizon of glory
Where grander still, mansions with garlands of light
Shine forth the message of greater rewards.
If none is better and all are the same,
Who are they that rest therein?
How did I stray from the path to that place?
What mystery untold must I find?

I hear the approach of a caller;
She smiles with omen of news.
May very well be she carries within
The secret to this troublesome riddle.

O Traveler, may I enter?
Do you remember me?
You came to my bedside with healing Word
And set me on my feet again.
For this, your petition now bears my name—
Key to a home one step above this.

O Traveler, may I enter?
I am the angel, come to take thee further
Than what our Father hath prepared for thee.
Henceforth thy Rest is come to thee
Through petition of those thou hast served.

O Time, thou art marked by the arrival of friends and strangers—
All from my life whose paths I crossed while giving of my time—
Who recount to me their tales of earthly sorrows
Turned to relief and re-growth because I served with love.

O Time, thou art marked by the arrival of the angel
Who, for each name upon my petition written
Takes me to a higher reward,
Closer to that horizon.

But now I see, tho’ Home is far more glorious than before,
That further still those jeweled mansions remain beyond my reach.
And now is spent the throng of callers
Whose lives that face-to-face I touched.
Is this the end?—My final Rest—
Tho’ Time and Space allowed me only those
Who brought me here thus far?
But wait; someone new approaches—whoever could it be?

O Traveler, may I enter?
You never knew of me—
But born of her whose life you changed,
I therefore gleaned from her your strength.
O Traveler, may I enter?
You never knew of me—
But friend of those whose sorrows eased,
They turned and gave the peace you taught.
O Traveler, may I enter?
You never knew of me—
But tho’ from lengthening generations born,
Your works far-reaching came to me.

The throng is even greater, now—
Ripples from those whose lives met mine;
All from some small gift of time
Or words of love I offered.
And now I stand upon that Horizon—
Threshold to the greatest Reward;
And not yet spent, the petitions keep coming,
Returning so grand what started so small.


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