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What Says It Best

Updated on October 1, 2009


What Says It Best!

on August 17, 2005.  ©-MFB III 

  What good are
pen and paper words,
long or short,
black on white,
print or script,
they cannot even
begin to explain
what I feel for you.

I express myself best,
in the silence of a kiss,
laughter whispers in my eyes,
and love is warm upon my fingertips.

Come take your place in my heart,
and together we shall find what says it best.

well...I guess I'd better close now,
cause my pencil's got a lead ache,
and the things I'd truly like to say
are far too tender to be scribbled here,
on some pounded groundup remnants
of some trees I never climbed.


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