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What Shall We Do With This Day.

Updated on October 13, 2009


What shall we do with this day.


Sculpt it from the moment you get up,
squeeze every minute from it's hours,  
wring them out completely
and taste their essences,
they are sweet and intoxicating
and full of promises
if you devour life,
before it devours you,
there are flowers to pick and inhale,
babies to smile at and make laugh,
what simple and perfect joy is this
to bend tiny lips into a laugh,
hearts to warm, and loves to pursue
like butterflies with the net of our heart,
watch them flutter inside us
when love spreads it's wings,
demand peace in every human way possible,
stand tall and fight for
the preservation of life,
what is more noble than to battle the evil
of men's hatred towards each other,
deny rights to all those
who promote war mongering
and the control of others through force
no matter what the cost, elect wiser heads
who seek to find other avenues
to bring about change and hope
in the march towards temporal peace
work, and work well, and contribute tiny amounts
of productivity that help keep the world in order,
putting cash in your pockets to delight others
who have offerings to sell
Acknowledge nature, and strive to protect it
from all of man's careless abuse
Pray for those who have lost the day
or wasted it into nothing more then a burden
Each sun will never return the same,
each moon will always beam on a new dream,
seize it all and live voraciously while you can
for tomorrow we are but dust
and from that arises only particles that smother
all the yesterdays we once knew.


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