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Where Should I Read Next That Is New And Exciting in 2015?

Updated on November 7, 2014
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Where do you find your books?

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There are a lot of top books to read in 2015. Some are new titles, while others do belong to classic literature, and this indicates a real good mixture of new and exciting for this brand new year. What should I read next that is new and exciting in 2015? well first you need to find a reading home. I call a reading home a place you find everything you needs to have a good book.The answers will be given in detail here for everyone to know and enjoy.


I have always thought Goodreads is the home of homes for books. It has my collection, my future, and my present. My friends come over to talk about their books and I can even look at the neighbours books.There is nothing like this anywhere else.

Alright, I exaggerated a little bit. But it is still a really great service that I enjoy using. I can interact and catalogue my books which I love. It lets me record what I plan on reading and what I have already read.

Literary Magazines

Once you find yourself in a literary magazine which you really love you will be in good shape. They provide great info on new books, old books, books you missed and the newest up and commers. I recommend Bookkaholic or Book Riot. They are god new age magazines without the stuffiness you may come to expect from a literary magazine. They can answer 'What Should I Read Next.'

It is always more fun to interact with the writers as well to find out more about your books and writing.


I think blogs are a great resource. They are really similar to literary magazines, but lack the depth and usually consist of one author. This can be good and bad for you. If you find someone with similar tastes it can be great. Otherwise you have to keep searching around for a reader you like.


I don't like Amazon for finding books, but I am only alone on this. I ask Amazon, 'What should I read next?' and Amazon gives me this huge list of books that I just don't want to read. There are too many and the top books never do it for me.

But it is good in some respects. There is a good user base and great reviewers on Amazon. These reviewers really command some influence on Amazon. Follow them and they can lead you to the right books.

Some Good Books

All the book choices being presented here are fiction and why they are fiction is obvious. Fiction is riveting, engaging, and on the edge of the seat exciting. There is no one who doesn't appreciate fiction, and if they do not, then that is their unfortunate choice to be honest. Fiction just moves and it moves readers to be interested to keep the paging turning. So, with this said, let's examine some of the great fiction book choices for 2015 to help you decide what you should read next.

The first fiction novel at the top of the list is no other than Ray Bradbury's awesome classic title Fahrenheit 451. This book has been a classic for 50 years and with good reason. It is one of those books that you begin to read and you just cannot put down. It is a true page turner and it keeps the interest going until the very end. It is the essence of what defines fine science fiction reading and tells the terrifying story of the book-burning fireman named Guy Montag. Montag wonders why he has to burn books, as what defines his job, and why books are such a threat to the future world he lives in? Montag struggles personally with this question from start to finish of the book. Fahrenheit 451 is a definite must read for people of all ages. It is the stuff that true classics are made of and with good reason!

The next book for recommended reading is no other than a book titled The Help by Kathryn Sockett. The Help was a #1 New York Times Bestseller with more than three million copies of the book sold. The Help is a modern classic that has a strong cultural touchstone and this is what makes it a very beloved book in its own right. The Help tells the story of a young white woman from Mississippi who lived in the early 1960s and who truly cared about what happened to some black ladies maids which were part of families back then. The characters in this novel are true to life, they are strong, witty, and empowered women each in their own ways. The plot of the story is very dramatic and realistic. It is obvious why this book is so popular and with just cause. It is truly a good read that keeps one turning the pages from beginning to end. This is definitely a book you should read next.

Another book that is well worth the read this year is titled The Confession by John Grisham. The Confession is a magnificent work of fiction and is totally on the edge of your seat suspense from one of America's favorite story tellers. This story is about a criminal named Travis Boyette who has spent a great deal of time in prison and who committed a horrific crime to a popular high school cheerleader in 1998. The crime happened in a small town in East Texas called Sloan and Boyette watches on as police authorities arrest the wrong man for the crime. Donte Drumm is the innocent man, who is arrested and eventually sentenced to death for Boyette's crime. It is nine years later, and Boyette is about to be paroled in Kansas for another crime, which he committed. The man, Donte Drumm is only four days away from his execution, and Boyette who has an inoperable brain tumor decides to do the right thing to save this innocent man from exeuction. He wants to confess to police that he killed the young girl and not Drumm. However, will the legal system believe him, a man who is guilty? This book is a must read and an awesome legal thriller it wil solve your 'what to read next' problem.


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