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What Sorrow Through Yon Window Gleams.

Updated on November 9, 2009


What Sorrow Through Yon Window Gleams.

The watermark on
the morning window,
etched three crosses
in a diagonal row,
she saw it and wondered
at its meaning,
when dawn urged her
from a troubled sleep.

Her doorbell rang
two days later,
revealing unexpected guests,
attired in uniforms,
bearing sad news
that her dear husband,
along with two other
had been killed by an I.E.D.
two days prior,
just after 6:00 A.M.
her time.

Suddenly she knew.

The next day
a new watermark appeared,
just the simple
shape of a heart,
and it shook her.
Was it his finger
that painted it,
on his way to eternity?
She sat and gazed
at the condensation
that formed a
symbol of love,
till the sun melted
the pane to clear.
and then she went to prepare
for the burying of her love.




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