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What Super Power Do You Wish You Had?

Updated on January 21, 2015


As a kid, many of us fantasized about being a super hero or having a super power. This article lists the most popular ones and aims to take an informal poll of which would be the most popular pick if everyone could have one.

1. Invisibility

How cool would it be to be able to walk around and not be seen? The possibilities are endless about what you could do: robbery, corporate espionage, hitman extraordinaire.

2. Flight

So you can fly. No more airplane expenses. No more traffic jams. No more elevators. Go anywhere on the planet in the shortest amount of time possible. And how about a quick escape, you've got one.

3. Telekinesis

The power to move things with your mind. Another great power with endless possibilities. You'd be a great construction worker, at the very least.

4. Time Travel

Feel like going back in time to see the past and history's greatest leaders? How about going forward in time and seeing what's going to happen. Maybe pull a McFly and put some bets down on sporting events when you get back. Mess something up? No problem, just go back a few moments and create yourself a new alternate reality.

5. X-Ray Vision

Feel like seeing through things? With this power you can. Want to check out who is wearing the sexiest lingerie? You can. Not sure what's inside a certain door, take a look.

6. Shapeshifting

The ability to modify one's outward appearance. Mystique from the X-Men is the best example of this. Want to be famous for a day, sure. Want to see what it's like to be a different gender, different race, go for it.

7. Invincibility

Bar fight? No problem. People threatening you with guns? Pfft. This one's pretty badass and you've got some serious advantages.

8. Mind Control

This one is one of the toughest to overcome. Professor Xavier from the X-Men demonstrated all the potential that having this power would be. Oh, you want to give me all your money. Fine. Thanks.

9. Illusionist

Want to get away with things? Make everything around people something different where you can blend in. Or, if someone is bothering you, make them see themselves alone in the ocean surrounded by sharks. When they're done pissing themselves, I'm sure they won't be bothering you any longer.

10. Super Speed

Faster than a speeding bullet. Check. Easy to get away with things if no one can catch you. Plus, you're really handy in a fist-fight. Literally. The Flash is the best example of this power.


If not one of these, which would you prefer? Leave it in the comments section.

What's your preferred Super Power?

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    • Valeant profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Syracuse, NY

      Yeah, invisibility would be fun for a day.

    • williamlasher profile image

      william lasher 

      4 years ago from Richmond,Maine

      There are many super powers out there, but the one I would like is mind control or invisibility.

    • jupiter90 profile image


      4 years ago

      Nice Hub, if I had to choose a superpower, I think I would choose telekinesis. The reason being is that it would be awesome to move objects with your mind. Also telekinesis makes a great defensive power because you can block attacks with telekinetic shields. And psychokinesis will make a great offensive power for you can telekinetically send your opponents fighting before they can eve touch you!

      I would also like to have telepathy as a power because I am a bit of a nosey person. In addition, being able to read someone's mind will save you a lot of time in knowing whether someone is trustworthy or not.

    • Valeant profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Syracuse, NY

      I know, someone is going to put that they want the power to write excellent hubs...


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