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What Do The Angels Give

Updated on June 5, 2016

I cannot control what the Angels give

a heart to love

a mind to live,

the pleasant company we seek each day

that keeps on appearing

which is put in my way.

The friendly chat with someone who cares

with open minds

with feelings which dares,

to go beyond mind, body and soul

to capture your dreams

and to make it your goal.

To feel lost and so lonely

when you are not there,

with heart strings pulling

which shows me you care.

As you lift my life and make it so real

with thoughts that you give

rather than try to steal,

where I will open my arms to tell you it's fine

to feel lost and confused

when walking the thin line.

When being together we unite as one

where shadows of doubt are finally gone,

where together we enjoy

this life that we live,

which just goes to show

what the Angels give.


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