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What the Man in the Moon Would Do.

Updated on May 23, 2022
MFB III profile image

Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

A most ancient wonder since Neanderthal days

We have always fallen under the spell of the full moon

What the Man in the Moon Would do!

As posed in question form 
one night to his distant face. 

What would the man 
in the moon do,
if he could break free 
of earth's gravity?
and enjoy complete 
first of all 
I'd scrape off 
all the junk 
that the astronauts 
left on my face. 
I'd join the 
universal church, 
or just spend 
my summers 
sipping shakes, 
fresh from 
the Milky Way.
I'd get some botox 
to fix my 
cratered countenance, 
and then try to get 
a date with Venus,
she's really 
a hot one I hear.
I'd tell that 
sun of a bitch
to lighten up, 
my dark side that is.
I'd find a name 
that is not the same
as Human buffoons
dropping thier drawers, 
and exposing some 
crack for fun.
I'd cause all 
of the tides on earth 
to become gentle,
massaging waves
for all the bathers 
to bask in,
as well as 
give the surfers
the most gnarly
Tidal generated 
waves to sail across,
one after another
reaching over 
twenty feet high,
till they escalate down
in gentle landings,
on the dunes ridges.
I'd eclipse myself 
and shed no
light at all 
on any of 
the war zones 
of the earth
where men 
use my light  
to kill each 
other nightly.
I'd catch every 
shooting star,
and confiscate 
their weapons
I've got more
than my share
of holes from
their really 
bad aims 
Then I'd nail 
that silly cow 
that insists 
on hurdling me,
you have no idea 
how many cow patties
are stinking 
up my valleys.
Then perhaps
I'd move my asteroid 
to a planet 
that wasn't bent 
on destruction,
and take a spin 
around it
for a couple 
of million years.
Although I would miss 
the eons of lovers 
who were moved to 
kiss their sweethearts
in the glow of my
Nightly beams.
Yes, if I could escape
the gravity of 
earth's position,
then I would 
most likely abandon
all those 
who inhabit it,
that are intent on 
destroying it 

I would rather have
peaceful neighbors
wouldn't you?

© 2009 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


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