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What The Soul Knows

Updated on January 28, 2014
heart and soul from Patricia McAdie
heart and soul from Patricia McAdie
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Love is all there is from Marianne Rosvik
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Pandemonium from mardi grass 2011
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Sex Dating at New York from Rhiana Stanley
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Balance from Heiko Brinkmann

What The Soul Knows

By Tony DeLorger © 2014

What more can a soul say,

when contested by the will of a heart,

ignoring all wisdom from knowledge,

to embrace the self-deception in love.

Resounding warnings mark this travesty,

but are unseen by a heart desperate for fulfillment,

yearning for the need to be loved,

and resting within the security of delusion.

What the heart discovers, the soul knows,

yet what the soul knows, the heart often ignores,

in its own quest for resolution,

and the heart is a powerful voice.

Emotionalism is a highly charged human experience,

transcending all practicality and common sense,

and left unattended by a lacks mind, can deliver us to circumstances

hardly dreamed, let alone manifest in reality.

Despair, love and anger can be overwhelming in life,

far beyond the parameters of a balanced life,

and deep-seated needs can manipulate

even the strongest mind into self-destructive behaviour.

The soul knows this condition of imbalance,

and if regarded, can help a heart understand its zealous response,

bringing further consideration and perspective to the table,

and voiding any rash decisions with dire ramifications.

Love is so often misinterpreted and misunderstood,

when physical love is valued without the foundation of friendship,

creating a wanting perspective and delusional assumptions,

the very basis of future strife and calamity.

The aspiration of love is a moment to moment enterprise,

in a world of consideration, sacrifice and kindness,

and in no way benefits long term by physical love,

the heart the center of focus, not genitalia.

Within us all the soul of cumulative knowledge and balance,

ready to impart its gifts to those who seek the truth,

and in that, a calm and balanced life ensues,

where thoughts find a higher path of expression.


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