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What Truth Believes

Updated on September 12, 2013
ancient script from mpollgreen
ancient script from mpollgreen
Conflict in Archaeology? from John Atherton
Conflict in Archaeology? from John Atherton
Quirigua standing stone from tic_tok
Quirigua standing stone from tic_tok
Creepy South American Artifact from Andrew Lam
Creepy South American Artifact from Andrew Lam
boxes of artifacts from  Archaeology in Annapolis Staff
boxes of artifacts from Archaeology in Annapolis Staff

What Truth Believes

By Tony DeLorger © 2013

Heretics glean from ancient scripts,

words that fall from pious lips,

and those whose paradigms strict and true,

do judge with fire their wrath ensue,

where truth does lie does not preclude,

beliefs all wanting of minds pursued,

and progression not takes souls ahead,

for belief is tethered tight to their beds.

And heretics grapple with evidence met,

with disdain and dismissal from pious set,

no matter proof or blatant truth,

the pious bleat like sheep, remove,

all words and sight that contest belief,

and stow it deep like common thieves,

in darkness lay no minds to see,

to uphold the paradigms those pious need.

Eventually in time restored,

that proof alive behind closed doors,

in shadows dark and kept from academic eyes,

the truth of us and the world will rise,

and the pious will shrink into the night,

and science the truth will in words recite,

common belief and falsehood trite,

replaced by what was found, is right.

Truth is often molded to fit,

the advantages of pious misfits,

whose limited minds cannot depart,

from belief imparted right from the start,

regardless of proof that contradicts their lives,

they cling to lies that give purpose, drive,

and in ignorance and stubborn arrogance they,

halt science and knowledge, themselves betray.

There is irrefutable proof that modern man (Homo Sapiens) existed more than 3,000,000 year ago (according to current methods of dating geological strata), not 100,000 years as the text books suggest. Virtually every scientist who uncovered these types of anomalies has been ostracized from the scientific community and the truth concealed simply to protect the current paradigm and Darwinian theory. There are hundreds of scientifically dated artifacts and fossils that disprove Darwin's theory and the real origins of modern man does not fit into the current beliefs. Science like all disciplines, must be open to anomalies and study their impact on what is accepted as truth, to further the understanding and knowledge of our earth and our origin. Living in denial is counterproductive.

Book- 'Forbidden Archaeology' by Michael Cremo and Dr Richard Thompson. They spent eight years researching all these anomalous archaeological artifacts that have been dismissed and hidden from the Scientific community at large- these finds are amazing.


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