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What The Universe Wish You Could Know

Updated on September 8, 2019
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International Life-Coach, she loves writing Articles and blogs on subjects related to self-help and personal-development!

Shanaya Ruby
Shanaya Ruby | Source

Obstacles Are Detours in the Right Direction

Shanaya Ruby (2019, September, 8). It's We who Are Biased, The Universe is not Biased

The Universe is interacting within billions of galaxies for billions of years. Its very old & wise and knows what it is doing. It knows exactly what to throw in our lives in order for us to grow. Take it as a Learning with full love and grow like a seed, like you are being this courageous warrior who never gives-up.

The Universe is not biased to any one of us. Though humans can be biased towards each other but the Universe can never be. The Sun wakes up every morning to support us with his shine. His shine is the symbol that he gives a chance of new day to each one of us. This will still continue after our death. It is on us, how smartly we utilise it. The sunshine is unbiased to even a criminal, a beggar or a superstar and you and me. Universe gives uncountable non-verbal chances but we don't give a single non-vocal gesture to the Universe by not understanding this simple mechanism.

I am connected to you and so you are connected to me. The Truth is Within You. We are completely connected with each other, nature, and the Cosmos.

Try to understand the plans of the Universe for you. Being positive attracts positive-outcomes. Learn to trust the Universe. Try to see that break-up as an opportunity to give yourself some more love. Try to see that miscarriage as an opportunity to give birth to yourself. Try to see that loss of job as an opportunity to move closer to your passion. Try to see that social-isolation as a beautiful opportunity to meet yourself.

Universe is very smart. Universe loves everyone, be it humans, animals, plants or even non-living - each and every atom. We have the luxury to see the beautiful stars, our infinite true friends. We are the star-dust. We are the tiniest fractions still possessed by our egos. We walk around constantly trying to control and determine what will happen in our lives.

Billions of stars of Milky-way galaxy are waiting for us to look up, keeping our head high to tell them - 'Thank you Universe for everything. I am motivated by seeing you. You love me unconditionally just like a mother would do. I wonder how committed and unbiased you are and i appreciate you for this. The sun, moon, stars; etc are unbiased to me and all. I know, you are here for me. I love you back'. Dots of the Universe connecting us. Billions of galaxies joining together to form a miracle. Dots of one spiral of our galaxy gifting us these beautiful 8 planets of solar-system and thus giving us the beautiful gift of life aka our earth as a token of their love.

Infinite possibilities tapping our laps constantly throwing guidance and messages our way but it's us who avoid them. If someone wants to help you, it's you who subconsciously reject that guidance provided to you.

Mother's womb is magical example of creation and so is that of Universe. Like the mother would accept you, the Universe accepts you unconditionally. Not judging anyone. It treats everyone with equality & respect. That's how the Universe operates. The oxygen is not biased to anyone though humans can be. It's us who are not able to accept the life-situations but life is still unbiased to us by still keeping us alive and constantly providing oxygen supply to everyone equally.

Step ahead, there is so much light in wisdom. Reflect on what you read and take a moment to realize how fortunate you are. There is peace in this practice. Reflecting upon this thought is a major-winning. This simple understanding impacted my life positively and it can impact yours as well.

Obstacles are detours in the right-directions.

The Universe wish you to know the 'Power of Surrender' and the 'Power of Acceptance'. It wants you to realize that it loves you unconditionally.

This is a simple yet very powerful message which needs to be reminded for thriving humanity.

'The Universe is not Biased, It's us, humans who are Biased' - Shanaya Ruby

© 2019 Shreya Sabarwal


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      2 years ago

      Every word of this posts is meaningful and true. We should be thankful to God for every next day and prepare ourselves to face these days with a positive attitude and this the only way to live the life happily.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      this is soo beautiful message for all

      i appreciate this

      i mean ur thoughts are amazing and motivational


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