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What Will "The Winds of Winter" Bring For Jon Connington?

Updated on August 14, 2013
Every story needs a badass Ginger.
Every story needs a badass Ginger.

Warning: Spoilers Lie Ahead

The Winds of Winter is the sixth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. This article will take a look back at the previous installments as well as make predictions on the next chapter in the series. The reader has been warned that spoilers lie ahead.

A New Face To Connect Past To Future

Lord Jon Connington may not have been high on the list when it comes to writing about what is to come for the major characters in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, but his importance will reverberate through the series as a whole once all is said and done. The series follows events in real time as they occur during this generations battle for the Iron Throne, however the undertones of the previous rebellion are weaved throughout the series. Called Robert's Rebellion, the previous battle for the throne is referred to a countless amount of times and is described in as much detail as one of George R. R. Martin's feast scenes (well, maybe not as much detail but close, you can tell Martin loves his food!).

Jon Connington as a character isn't even introduced until the fifth and most recent book but he links Robert's Rebellion to the present battle for the throne unexpectedly. Perhaps it was the inner ginger-lover inside me who found it easy to root for this fire-haired man on a mission. Perhaps it is the company he travels with or his hidden identity, but I was on board with this exiled Lord from the get go.

Let's start at the start, well the start as the reader knows it before his history is revealed. We meet Jon Connington through the eyes of Tyrion Lannister as he himself is in exile across the Narrow Sea from Westeros after crossbowing his father in the crotch, every red blooded man just cringed on cue. Tyrion i introduced to Connington masquerading as a blue haired man named Griff who is travelling with his son, conveniently named Young Griff. Apparently these people were not very creative in naming of children. They are traveling with a bodyguard who is mysterious a great swordsman and a religious woman who teaches Young Griff all he will need to know in life.

Tyrion is apprehensive towards them because he knows they are more than they seem. Griff and Tyrion's interaction is hostile to say the least but the man shows his true honor when he saves Tyrion from being infected by a dangerous disease called grey scale, only to be infected himself. Enter the pity-inspiring dead man walking who has one last task to do before he dies storyline.

Tyrion reveals he knows who the group is and announces that Young Griff must be the previously thought dead Aegon Targaryen. No young man would need a sword master to teach him of battle, a scholarly woman to teach him history and an aging exiled Lord to keep him safe. Tyrion puts the pieces together and the history of Lord Jon Connington of Griffin's Roost is revealed, linking past to present.

When Jon Connington was a young man he was handpicked by the Mad King Aerys Targaryen to be his next Hand of the King due to his connections with the royal family. He had been Aerys' son Rhaegar's squire and was chosen to match a young Robert Baratheon's vigor as the storm was swelling before Robert's Rebellion. The nuances of a homosexual love for Rhaegar are seen through Martin's writing when Connington expresses his feelings about the man.

With Connington's newly earned position he personal chased Robert's forces, even pinning them down in a city that led to the famous Battle of the Bells. Instead of burn the city down and kill hundreds of innocents, Connington personally took his men in to search for Robert before his companions: Eddard Stark and Jon Arryn came to the rescue of Robert. Connington's escape was nothing but miraculous but seen as failure by King Aerys who had him exiled across the sea. To most his story ended by him drinking himself to death but as he explains he was given the task of keeping Rhaegar's infant son alive to take the throne if the Targaryens were removed from power. King Aerys, Rhaegar, his wife and children were killed as Robert took the throne but no one was aware that Rhaegar's son was switched with another boy and is still alive.

Ever since, Connington has been preparing Aegon, Rhaegar's true son and heir to the throne, to claim his rightful place. He learns the histories of the Seven Kingdoms and practices with the sword for battle, waiting for the right time to strike.

As the separate from Tyrion, they learn that Rhaegar's little sister Danaerys, a fan favorite of the series, is ruling over another city in Essos. Aegon makes the decision to break away from her and enlist the help of the Golden Company, a mercenary group of knights who were also exiled. They agree to his promises of reinstatement once he takes the throne and they lead an all out offensive against Connington's former castle, Griffin's Roost. As the last book ended they had taken the castle and were making plans to gain allegiances and more of a foothold within the Seven Kingdoms. Jon Connington was back in Westeros, aiding the son of his lost love, with the sole mission to sit the boy on the throne before his final minutes tick away.

Dueling Griffs
Dueling Griffs
Will The Hand rule?
Will The Hand rule?

What Will The Winds Bring?

Personally, is this not the overdone "Man on Fire" plot line in a medieval setting? But do I love it? Yes. I just picture epic battle scenes of this red headed middle aged man with nothing to lose hacking down anonymous soldiers with tears in his eyes.

Will Jon Connington receive a happy ending? Absolutely not, that much is certain, greyscale or no. I believe that they will attack Storm's End and take the great fortress due to its weakened strength. Dorne will decide it must finally choose a side and with having lost Quentyn and Danaerys' allegiance they will side with Connington and Aegon believing him to be the true heir to the throne. They also have the history with Rhaegar's wife being Dornish. King's Landing will be so terrified of the new threat they will forget all about Stannis and one way or another the ruling Lannisters will be crushed between those from the North and South fighting their way to the city.

History loves to repeat itself and a showdown between Baratheon and Targaryen has been prefaced so outrageously much throughout the series, I foresee this battle coming to another head. I believe Danaerys will make her way to the fray eventually with her dragons and Connington will have to face Stannis so that Aegon can take the throne. Both Stannis and Connington seemed destined to die so they will inflict mortal wounds on each other and Stannis will give his blessing to Jon Snow to take the throne. Jon Snow and Aegon will prepare to fight to the death as Danaerys swoops in and asks both of them to be her two dragons / lovers.

Thus, her prophesy will be fulfilled as she will have her ruling three headed dragon, all with Targaryen blood as will be revealed that Jon's mother was a Targaryen. The series will end with the three ruling Westeros together.

As usual, I will probably be wrong and The Winds of Winter will have a twist where Connington's greyscaled arm will take on a life of its own and decide that the Hand to the former Hand of the King deserves to be King itself and will kill both Aegon and Jon Connington, sever itself from Connington's dead body and rule the whole world with its "Iron Fist", we shall all see soon enough!


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    • profile image

      Mirchea 2 years ago

      One of the worst fan fiction I have ever read

    • deealvar profile image

      deealvar 4 years ago from Indianapolis

      Martinneverwrites theexpected, you know this!

    • profile image

      CCC 4 years ago

      Correct. And Jon's father is Rhaegar.

    • profile image

      GGG 4 years ago

      Jon Snows mother is expected to be Lyanna Stark, not a targaryen