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What Will "The Winds of Winter" Bring For Tyrion Lannister?

Updated on August 14, 2013

Warning: Spoilers Lie Ahead

The Winds of Winter is the sixth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. This article will take a look back at the previous five installments as well as make predictions on the next chapter in the series. The reader has been warned that spoilers lie ahead.

Everyones Favorite Witty Imp

In a series with as many characters as the A Song of Ice and Fire books, Tyrion Lannister may well be the most beloved. Perhaps his underdog status or his hilariously witty remarks that are made to slight some of the series' most hated personas has led Tyrion to the top of the fan favorites list or maybe because he is at his core one of the last few remaining morally good characters. The series has made quite the point of killing off people who stand for anything good but Tyrion has survived.

He is the third and youngest child born to Tywin Lannister, the richest man in the Seven Kingdoms. His mother dying while birthing Tyrion has led to a deep resentment for him in both his father and sister, Cersei. This coupled with Tyrion being born a dwarf adds to his father's feelings of dislike for his son.

Tyrion's stature has held him back from normal noble professions like becoming a knight so he has trained himself in literature and dealing with people which help him as he progresses trough the story. He is also a world renowned drinker and lover of prostitutes.

When the story opens in Winterfell, the Stark's castle in the North, Tyrion has traveled with King Robert and his Queen, Tyrion's sister Cersei, to Winterfell where King Robert intends to ask Eddard Stark to be his new Hand of the King. Tyrion's brother Jaime, Cersei's twin and one of the kingdoms greatest swordsmen, has traveled as well and carries with him the reputation of Kingslayer for having murdered the previous King before Robert.

Tyrion's siblings are caught in an incestuous act by one of the Stark children who is then thrown by Jaime out of a tower window and crippled. Tyrion seems to question his brother and sister and it is unclear if he is aware of their relationship at the time. These events set in motion the rest of the books and when the party leaves Winterfell, Tyrion decides to ride North with a small party of men, including Jon Snow, to the monstrous man made structure known as The Wall which is 700 feet tall and was erected in the far north to deflect attacks by Wildlings and White Walkers.

On his trip, Tyrion befriends the young Jon Snow, Lord Eddard's bastard son, and helps him cope with being a bastard by telling him his own troubles with his lord father who despises him. While at The Wall, he realizes one of his dreams by pissing off the side of it but also sees the sad state the once proud Night's Watch is currently in. He promises to make the King and his father aware of their dwindling numbers and overrun state once he returns.

Tyrion stops back in Winterfell on his return from The Wall where he is greeted with hostility by Robb Stark, Lord Eddard's eldest and realizes the the Stark's are blaming the Lannisters for his brothers fall from the tower. Tyrion claims to know nothing and makes amends by creating plans for a special saddle for Bran, the crippled boy, that will allow him to ride a pony.

Tyrion continues his travels towards King's Landing, the Seven Kingdoms capital, but his stopped and taken prisoner by Catelyn Stark, Eddard's wife, along the way. She takes him to her sister's castle, the Eyrie, to be tried for his crimes. There he is locked in a sky cell hundreds of feet above ground overlooking the mountain the castle is set atop. He almost breaks but demands a trial-by-combat where he names one of the sellswords who took him captive, Bronn, as his champion and offers him more money then Catelyn to switch sides. He uses the his families famous motto, "A Lannister always pays his debts", to convince the man. Bronn wins the fight and Tyrion is released as per the rules.

Tyrion and his new best friend Bronn leave the Eyrie and are immediately attacked by dangerous mountain tribes who they must convince not to kill them by promising them money and weapons. They take Tyrion out of the mountains and stumble upon his father's camp where he finds out the Stark's have rebelled and are now at war with them after Eddard was beheaded and Prince Joffrey was named King after Robert's mysterious death. Lord Tywin decides to put Tyrion and his mountain men at the head of the battle the following day which convinces the dwarf his father wants him dead but once the fighting ensues, Tyrion survives and finds this battle was a distraction to help Robb Stark capture Jaime. The night before the battle, Bronn brings him a prostitute named Shae for his last night and Tyrion takes an immediate liking to the girl. Tywin decides to send Tyrion to King's Landing as acting Hand of the King in his place while he fights the war. Tyrion takes Bronn, Shae and the mountain clans and heads to the capital.

As he arrives there is conflict between himself and King Joffrey, who he sees as a sniveling child, and Queen Cersei, who still blames him for their mother's death. Tyrion decides to hide Shae because his father will kill her if he finds out and Cersei could use her against him if she does. He puts her in an apartment far from the royal castle and visits he frequently.

Varys, a member of the King's council known as The Spider because he hears all whispers throughout the Kingdom, discovers Shae's whereabouts instantly and forges an alliance with Tyrion. He warns him the the rest of the council is in Cersei's pocket so Tyrion develops a plan to see who is loyal only to Cersei and who isn't. He has Grandmaester Pycelle thrown in a dungaon after he fails Tyrion's test and warns Petyr Baelish, Littlefinger, not to cross him. He then exerts his power by sending Cersei's daughter off to the southern Dorne kingdom to make a wedding alliance with the family in that land. This adds to the hatred between siblings.

By this time, it has came out that the children from King Robert and Cersei's marriage are actually incestuous bastards born from Cersei and her twin Jaime. This has led to multiple men claiming to be the rightful king, the most powerful being Stannis Baratheon, Robert's brother. Stannis is planning a naval assault on the city and with Tyrion firmly set in power now, he turns his attention to the impending battle. He has a massive underwater chain concocted and the alchemists of the city busily preparing as much of a dangerous explosive called Wildfire as possible.

A riot inside the city makes it apparent that the people are beginning to turn against the royalty due to all money going toward the wars and Tyrion decides to move Shae into the royal part of the city under disguise as a servant to keep her safe.

He tries to orchestrate a rescue attempt for Jaime which is thwarted and only makes Cersei angrier and decides to not include her in plans to have another powerful family, the Tyrells of Highgarden, brought into an alliance by offering Joffrey's hand in marriage to their daughter Margaery. Joffrey had already been promised to Sansa Stark, Lord Eddard's eldest daughter, but after his beheading they call off the wedding.

Cersei, outraged at her power being diminished thinks she has caught Tyrion's prostitute and tortures an innocent woman. The tension is at an all time high at this point and as Stannis finally attacks the city all of Tyrion's plans get put to the test. The naval attack enters the bay around the city and Tyrion has his underwater chain raised to trap the ships and then launches the Wildfire at the men. Stannis has so many men that it seems he may win so Tyrion leads an attack on foot at the attacker and his men turn back Stannis' forces as Tywin arrives as well to help divert the attack.

At the end of the battle Tyrion turns around and sees one of the King's Guards who is loyal to Cersei swing a sword and cut him across the face, trying to kill him. Tyrion's young squire boy, Podrick, kills the guard, saving Tyrion.

Tyrion recovers after the battle, although his has a monstous facial scar to go along with his short stature, but is diminished in power after his father Tywin takes the tile of Hand of the King back as well as all the glory for winning the battle. Tyrion is put in charge of the money for the capital and his father plans to wed him to the teenage Sansa Stark to align themselves with a claim to the North.

Sansa is disgusted by him and as they wed he tells her he will never force her to consummate the marriage unless she eventually wants to which enrages his father. Shae is also angered by his marriage and takes it out on Tyrion threw her words.

Joffrey's wedding to Margaery happens and him and Tyrion get into a huge fight right before the King is murdered by poison which Tyrion is blamed for. He is imprisoned by Cersei and put on trial again for a crime he did not commit. At his trial, Pycelle lies for Cersei as do many others and even Shae testifies against him, humiliating Tyrion to all ends. He sees he is not going to be seen is innocent so once again demands a trial-by-combat, this time with the Red Viper, a warrior from Dorne who has asked to be his champion for his own reasons. The Viper is seconds away from winning for Tyrion by gloats and is killed, effectively sentencing Tyrion to death.

The night before his impending death, Tyrion is freed by Varys and Jaime who has been freed from imprisonment. Jaime tells him a story about a girl who had genuinely loved Tyrion as a child and their father had raped and sent away after hearing about her. Tyrion sneaks through the castle to confront Tywin and catches him sleeping with Shae. As he leaves Tyrion enters the room and chokes the life out of Shae in his anger and then kills his father with a crossbow to the private parts in his bathroom. Tyrion then escapes with the help of Varys before anyone knows of his murders.

Once Cersei learns of this, she orders anyone who comes across him to kill the dwarf and bring her his head. This leads to many innocent dwarfs throughout the kingdom being killed for money. In all actuality, Tyrion has left the kingdoms and traveled across the ocean to the other continent. He goes back to his drinking ways during the voyage and shows up broken and drunk to Illyrio Mopatis, one of Varys' contacts, who tells him of a woman with three real life dragons he intends to send him to. She, too, has plans to take the throne of the Seven Kingdoms which she feels is her birthrite.

He aligns him on a ship that is to travel to Danaerys Targaryen, the mother of dragons, with several mysterious other travelers. Along the voyage it comes out that these people are all in fact in hiding as well from the Seven Kingdoms and one of them is he rightful heir to the throne, having been thought murdered as a baby. Tyrion figures this out and makes plans to travel back with them and help them out before he is captured by Jorah Mormont, one of Danaerys' former councilors who was banished and seeks to gain her favor back by presenting her with one of the Lannisters whose family had murdered hers. It is true that the king Jaime had murdered had been her father.

Jorah is then captured by slavers and Tyrion meets another dwarf named Penny who tries to kill him because she recognizes him and her brother had been murdered by people thinking he was Tyrion. Their relationship grows as they are made to perform as slaves and on one performance where their masters planned to feed them to lions, Danaerys, who is in attendance, saves them from their fate. Jorah, Penny and Tyrion escape and offer their services to a mercenary group called the Second Sons who are presently contracted to fight against Danaerys but Tyrion believes he can sway them to fight for her.

What Will The Winds Bring?

My thoughts are that Tyrion will not get a meeting with Danaerys as she has flown away on one of her dragons but will be sucked into the war that Victarion Greyjoy is about to enact on Meereen. Tyrion will get pulled into this and will help in the outcome making him become the new head of the mercenary group. He will travel with Victarion to the mysterious place Danaerys has gone and their help her form the opinion that they need to return to Westeros because the biggest threat is the White Walkers coming down from The Wall.

There, Tyrion will help introduce Danaerys to the Lord Commander, Jon Snow, which will complete the pairing of ice and fire. They will unite and take out the threat of the walkers and then take the throne together in marriage. Tyrion will then be heir to all of his families lands which is all he ever really wanted and will end up finding Tysha, the ordinary girl who actually did love him.

In a story where all the good guys die, I do believe Tyrion will be one of the ones who survives and will play perhaps the most vital role in saving the lands of Westeros.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      LuceMarbles, I thought the same about Tyrion's parentage. But given the introduction of Aegon, I think there are just too many Targaryens for that to be true(unless one dies, and I expect Jon Snow to live). I think Tyrion will be very important but not as a dragon rider. I think he is likely to become one of Dany's most important advisers and help convince her that she needs to pay attention to the defense of the wall in the North eventually.

      Don't expect Victarion to factor too greatly into the battle at Mereen. Keep in mind, he isn't there to attack Mereen, his plan is to help lift the siege on Mereen by destroying the slaver's fleet and blockade. But Barristan already has a plan for defeating that army, Victarion will only matter as a secondary force that will confuse the Yunkai. Additionally, once Asha overturns the Kingsmoot(possible because Theon wasn't there to speak for his claim) then Victarion will have to go home or risk being passed over as King of the Ironborn again.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      you are all assuming there will be a happy ending which is highly unlikely

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I think you underestimate Tyrion's importance. I truly think he is one of the 3 heads of the dragons. I think he is the son of Prince Aery's and Tyrion's mother Joanna. I really expect him to go from being put down as an imp and eventually becoming a slave to if not being the King, then pretty close.

    • profile image

      Dick Willum 

      4 years ago

      Good! I think this will definitely happen

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Tyrion and Sansa will reunite and remain married. Aegon will fight and kill Robert Strong/ the Mountain, possibly dying himself but bringing justice for his mother and sister's deaths. Bran will embody the greenseer/children's powers to represent a 3rd godly force to fight rhollor/fire and the great other/ice, that being earth/ the realm. John Snow, Danarys and Aegon are each versions of Azor/the prince promised/last hero. I don't think they will live once all is done, they will die as heroes. Theon or Yara will use the dragon horn to accidentally summon the Krakan dragon of the ocean to fight for good. Staniss will liberate winterfell, unite the north and temporarily sit upon the iron throne as was promised to him. Unfortunately, he will die due to something involving Connington, his daughter and their greyscale infection. Arya will reunite with Gendry and they will become the deadliest couple in the world, putting out the Citadels, septons/sparrows, Quyburn and and possibly even Stoneheart's darkness fueled causes. Though, I can see either Tyrion or Stoneheart killing Littlefinger ultimately. Maybe Cat will make her and Peter fly out the moon door together, giving Baelish a proper and horrific death. Tyrion and Sansa will end up ruling together with Davos as Hand. Together they will bring change to the realm(freedom to marry, bastard honor, protection of the weak and innocent and maybe even an electoral system). Grenn and Ghost will be the new lord commanders of the newly rebuilt wall and its Nights Watch. Sam will either become the new grand Master or at least reunite with Gilly. Melisandre will sacrifice herself by allowing John to plunge Lightbringer into her heart. While temporarily dead, John will see Ned and have that conversation Ned promised about John's mother, only he'll get to see Lyana and Rhaegar too before returning with his "fire" gene activated and maybe a streak of that silver hair to go with it. John will arise and use his bare hand to pull the burning sword from the fire, causing Melisandre to finally see what she must do, provide Lightbringer with its eternal flame/red crystal. After John leads a group North for the final battle, he will seek out Bran and the children's help in finishing his song of ice and fire. Unfortunately, John knows that this new world can't be built upon blood, fire, ice and magic. He will die a hero alongside Danyrys, the dragons, Theon and the Krakan with help from Brienne, Jamie, the Blackfish and finally Bran and Bryndun Rivers a.k.a. 3 eyed crow. The rest will live to see a proper balance again between winter and summer. To much of either is bad. The Doom and Long night show as much to be true.

    • profile image

      Azor Ahai 

      5 years ago

      This sounds like a theory straight out of Sansas mouth


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