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What Will "The Winds of Winter" Bring for Jaime Lannister?

Updated on August 14, 2013
The Kingslayer: Jaime Lannister
The Kingslayer: Jaime Lannister

Warning: Spoilers Lie Ahead

The Winds of Winter is the sixth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. This article will take a look back at the previous five installments as well as make predictions on the next chapter in the series. The reader has been warned that spoilers lie ahead.

A Lannister Always Pays His Debts
A Lannister Always Pays His Debts

Jaime Lannister: Sickening Villain to Fan Favorite?

The Kingslayer! Basically the best name in fantasy novels, sure The Hound or The Red Viper rank up there but how utterly badass would you feel being called Kingslayer? Sign me up! Not to mention that the name goes along with the reputation of being the best swordsman in all the Seven Kingdoms, why did we ever hate this guy?

Let's start back at the beginning. Jaime Lannister, twin to Queen Cersei is a member of the golden haired House Lannister tribe that sports the Lion as their sigil, a coat of gold, a coat of red, a lion still has claws...

Born to Tywin, Jaime squired for Ser Barristan Selmy as a youth and gained an appreciation for swordplay. Eventually, his squiring skills were put on hold as he was attacked by the Kingswood Brotherhood where he proved himself and was knighted by the fabled Ser Arthur Dayne. Perhaps it was the pure emotion that flowed from being knighted or maybe he drank to much Arbor wine but on this knight he decided to sleep with his twin sister. All you conservatives, exit out of this article now, yes people, incest will be apart of this story.

Jaime develops a deep and complex love for Cersei, a love that will dictate his later decisions. After he is knighted, he becomes the youngest member of the Kingsguard which comes from the king of the time, Aerys Targaryen, wanting to prove his dominion over Jaime's father. It is this King Aerys who eventually helps Jaime don the name Kingslayer by dying impaled by Jaime's sword.

The name comes with negative connotations but as revealed later, Jaime killed the Mad King Aerys for legitimate reasons. The Mad King was burning people alive, acting senselessly and making Ser Jaime forsake vow after vow he had sworn. After he kills the King he was sworn to protect he sits on the throne, leading to his villain image.

As the King is killed during a rebellion, a new king takes the throne and keeps Jaime on in the Kingsgaurd. King Robert weds Jaime's love/sister and Jaime is made to watch as he mistreats her. The twins continue to bed each other leading to three children who are assumed to be Robert's heirs.

The events lead to Winterfell where King Robert asks his childhood friend Eddard Stark to be his Hand of the King, Jaime and Cersei accompany him and have a passionate knight in the broke down castle. Lord Eddard's young son Bran witnesses the coitus and Jaime makes a decision based off love to throw the boy from the tower, hopefully killing him and allowing him and Cersei to be able to roll around naked creepily without judgement.

Eddard Stark accepts the Hand of the King position and travels to the royal capitol where there are some tense moments between the two. Lord Eddard suspects the Lannisters of some wrong doing and they have it out a few times. Eventually, Lord Eddard loses his head at the hand of the new King Joffrey after King Robert is killed, yes King Joffrey is Jaime's illegitimate son who everyone else thinks is the rightful king due to the fact that he is supposed to be Robert's heir, convoluted? I'd say so.

Due to the beheading, Eddard's real son, Robb, revolts against the capitol and Jaime is sent to quell the rebellion. Surprisingly, the young Robb outwits Jaime and captures the great knight, imprisoning him for some time. After a few failed escape attempts, Jaime is freed by none other than Robb's mother, Lord Eddard's widow, after she makes Jaime vow to release her imprisoned daughters if she frees him. She sends him back to the capitol, King's Landing, with a beast of a woman knight name Brienne.

Along the way Jaime verbally attacks Brienne about her height, ugliness and lack of being a woman hoping to upset her into making a mistake. She proves herself to him in a one on one sword fight immediately before they are both captured by a group of mercenaries who cutoff the Kingslayers sword hand. Insert the change in the readers perception of the man they formerly hated and is now a sympathetic character.

Jaime struggles mentally with the fact that he is no longer the man he once was and it leads him to question many things. He shows his true virtuous colors when he returns from trying to escape to help Brienne from certain death at the hands of a big scary bear.

Jaime returns to King's Landing and is made Lord Commander of the Kingsguard even though he cannot fight. King Joffrey, Jaime's son, has been murdered at this point in the story and his youngest son, Tommen, is now king. Jaime suffers with his insufficiencies at swordplay and his mixed feelings towards Cersei, he has heard she is a bit of a whore, sleeping with anyone to get what she needs. He gives Brienne his sword and allows her to go off in search of the Stark children he promised her would return, affirming that he is now a good guy!

Jaime spends the next part of the books riding around putting down any resistance against the capitol, he peacefully lifts sieges and continues being a protagonist throughout the story. He receives a letter from Cersei saying she is to be put on trial and he needs to come rescue her which he promptly burns because he has been hurt emotionally by her. Yes people, the Kingslayer has feelings.

He is found again by Brienne, who says she needs him to help her find one of the Stark girls, which is where the story has left off even though the reader knows that Brienne was captured by the zombie Mrs. Eddard Stark and told to capture Jaime, if this makes no sense read by Brienne article to fill in the blanks.

Hear Me Roar
Hear Me Roar

What Will The Winds Bring?

I for one, find it impossible that Brienne could turn on Jaime. She was loyally attached to Renly and through her and Jaime's time together I believe she has developed an even stronger affinity for the Kingslayer. She was his central turn about as a character and I think they will team up against the Brotherhood Without Banners headed by zombie Catelyn. Jaime and Cersei's story isn't resolved either, I think there needs to be a definite point where Cersei realizes she has lost him forever due to her actions. Her current trial appears to have her set free but my hopes are that with all the action leading toward King's Landing Jaime must pick a side. My bets are on him choosing to fight to the death for Tommen, his true son, and falling virtuously to someone like Loras Tyrell once the Flower family tries to take control themselves, yes I do not believe Loras is dying on Dragonstone. I would love to see a moment where all three Lannister children are reunited right before Cersei dies a terrible death, Jaime dies a hero and Tyrion places Danaerys and Jon Snow on the throne together. Wishful think because we all know George R. R. Martin will blow our minds, but please George I beg you, someone as utterly awesome as the Kingslayer deserves the most utterly epic death your great mind can come up with. Please don't disappoint, we love to hate those Lannisters. A coat of gold, a coat of red, a lion still has claws...


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I think he is alive... because he is the one who will kill Cersei and died after that. So many times Cersei sais that both of them are meant to death together. He is her valonqar, not Tyrion.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Jaime won't die in battle. I do think he will have a chance to put his left hand to use early in a battle against someone in the BWB. I am not sure what could happen when he meets up with Lady Stoneheart, but he won't die there. Stoneheart has plans for Riverrun, as we saw Jaime unknowingly speaking Tom of Sevenstreams in Riverrun just before he left. Jaime can't die yet, because his story with Cersei isn't over. Cersei has a prophecy of how she will die, thinking that the one to kill her will be Tyrion, but it will be Jaime. I think Jaime and Cersei will go out in a Romeo/Juliet style. Jon Snow isn't dead yet either, GRRM hasn't wrapped up his story yet (parents). If you think about character deaths previously, Robb and Cat were foreshadowed by Dannys vision in the temple of the dead. Arya will die in the cold, alone, with needle in her hands as Jon foreshadowed in the first chapter of the first book.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Jon refused to take Winterfell, which he had dreamed about being the Lord of since he was young. Seems pretty unlikely he is going to take the iron throne; even more so the fact that he is lord commander of the night's watch.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Jon is dead get over it

    • profile image

      Lannister fan 

      4 years ago

      @earlyman - Jon is not dead - and if you think he is, you need to re-read the books!

    • profile image

      ASOIAF Fan 

      4 years ago

      Jamie never squired for Barriston The Bold. He squired for Lord Crakehall and was knighted on the battlefield by the Sword of the Morning, Arthur Dayne. The HBO show added in that the part of squiring for Barriston Selmy. It was probably because they are always tight on space for scenes and were saving themselves from doing the scenes about Ned's dreams and the other famous King's Guard. They probably hoped to just rest all the weight on Barriston's shoulders and save T.V. viewers 3 or 4 more important faces they have to remember.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Gonna be awfully hard for Tyrion to put Jon Snow on the throne when Jon is dead.


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