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What You Don't Understand- By Lance Manion. A Book Review

Updated on April 26, 2016

This is the cover

Not bad.
Not bad. | Source

A Review of this fun and well done book

Right off the bat, let me state for the record that I completely understand when people query about why it took me this long to write a review of this book. It’s been around for some time now and I’ve written a number of reviews about various Manion books, so it did seem as though I might have decided to sit this one out. Well, I’m here to tell you that this here review is the review you’ve been waiting for. The one that had you at the edge of your seat until it finally, mercifully, showed up.

All right, who are we kidding here? Not a single one of you could give two hoots about this or whether I wrote it or not. You might fool your mother with those doe eyes and feigned concern, but I’m not falling for it. I really doubt any of you even noticed. You didn’t, did you. That’s exactly why I say you’re lucky I did it at all.

But looky here. I am writing this review (or have written it, depending on your POV) so everyone relax and let out a breath. It’s here now, really here, and there’s nothing you can do about it anymore. Moreover (I like using that word in reviews because it makes me seem smart), you really should have seen this coming, to the point that you should’ve queried about the notable absence. But since you didn’t, I’m going to do this my way.

I’ll start with the beginning. I want all of you to read Tales of the Supernatural with Nap Lapkin. I don’t want any excuses, just do it. The reason I ask for this is because this first tale, which is the first of this latest book by Manion, is precisely the sort of writing you can expect from this guy. This is how he does this, so if you read that and find it enjoyable, clever, funny and whatever else, then continue on. Because, like I mentioned, this is so, so, Manion. Oh, and it’s part of the continuing saga of this character, as we’ve seen Nap before.

Now, if you do not like it and have some sort of problem with it, I recommend you just stop where you are and go back to rambling on about the plot holes in Teen Titans episodes. In fact, I really don’t care what you do. You can feel free to go eat a bucket of dicks for all it matters.

But I think you’ll like it. I feel confident in that. And refrain from what’s in the bucket; we’re not rehashing some vague fantasy featuring Fear Factor or any of that (but I would’ve watched that episode, particularly if it was one of the celebrity centerfold editions). I want you to notice the shrewd choice of words as this story flows. Moreover, take care to notice how Manion brings you in and out of the story in a manner that continually engages you. He doesn’t keep your attention so much as he pulls you so close that you can’t help but to read on. You’re not just enjoying the journey of the story but his taking you by the collar and having you keep up with him as he writes it.

This is precisely why I’m writing this review in a similar style. You notice how I’m engaging you directly as the writer on not just focusing on the book? I’m actually copying this unique Manion style. It isn’t my fault that I’m better at it than he is.

I can tell you there are no other independent writers out there, and I’ve read a bunch of independent work, who has captured my attention with a uniquely unique writing style like this guy possesses. If you happen to be reading this before you’ve read any of his stuff, I have to ask you show some damned ambition and check out some of his work. Most of it is adult humor but not all of it. But all of it is written by a seasoned writer with both incredible talent and a limitless tank of creativity. Manion has amassed a significant amount of work and yet his ability to demonstrate tireless diversity of style and subject matter is indicative of genuine genius. No, really. I believe he’s the writer most writers want to be. The fact that he isn’t rich and famous demonstrates this liberal government is more sinister than we first thought.

Really, I am

I am truly a fan. That he lives somewhere around the sty of Philadelphia shouldn’t be held against him. Have you been there or even through it? Wow. The southern side seems okay, but what happened to the rest of it? Anyhoo, another thing to recognize that is sheer writing and creative virtuosity is his ability to (continually) take everyday things that are otherwise innocuous and dismissible and turn them into something not only overtly funny but truly thought-provoking. Most important is his writing in itself, with great sentence structure and seamless flow is fantastic. But he just might make you a bit uncomfortable. But hey, isn’t that part of the fun? He despises the Kardashians, so doesn’t that help?

But I have to admit I struggle with the philosophy of climbing Mt. Everest. Just days before I wrote this yet another bunch died and suffered due to an avalanche caused by an earthquake. A double-whammy to be sure. But if I’m to be honest, I can’t help but to wonder how I would feel if I accomplished this and survived the trek. Would I be changed for the better? Would I ask myself, “You climbed Everest! What else is out there you couldn’t do?”

But Disney World has a ride called Everest and I can’t stand to wait in line to get on it (oh, I only live about forty miles away and can get in for free, because I got it like that) and I’m too lazy to fumble through the park to get to it. Okay. Moving on…

This review is ending up on Hubpages because I’m just not sure where else to put it.

You know what, that isn’t original and it isn’t funny.

The point I was getting to before being so rudely interrupted was that I have a few other reviews of Manion work along this list of stuff of mine. If this one doesn’t convince you, then take a calorie or two and check out some of the others. They’re written slightly better than the books themselves (according to Manion, who, to be honest, never read any of them entirely) but based on work everyone with a healthy sense of humor would appreciate. I mean it when I say I am a fan of the guy and his writing. Okay, maybe just the writing, as I, honestly, don’t really know him personally. I’ve tried but he sends back my letters and never responds to my endless string of emails and Facebook messages. I mean, he gave a brief response to the first few dozens but has since disappeared except for the occasional book coming along and someone continuing to keep his site fresh.

Anyhoo, the purpose of the review was to let you in on what I thought of this book. I liked it. I enjoyed it quite a bit. In fact, I was very much looking forward to it before I knew whether it was coming. And that’s precisely how I feel about the next one.


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