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What You Have In Mind Will Just Have To Wait For Another Time

Updated on March 10, 2012

You Keep Telling Me I Have A One Track MInd

The night was young and my love was simply in full force with all the stars aligned

This was going to be as incredible as it can be wait and see

I gave her a hug to start the ball rolling

Then a nice massage over her shoulders and back that usually makes her melt

She was watching the last season of Desperate Housewives

I got inbetween the t.v. and her

That was my first big mistake

Hey what is the idea ?

You can catch it later on the d.v.r.

That was my second mistake

Why I am watching it now

This is where the obvious comes true

Yes but I was thinking we could...

I just want to see what is going to happen

Can't it wait

Really I was thinking the same thing

But she got the jump on me and I can't use the same line

What if we come back later and watch it together

She seen right through me like a was a sheet blowing in the wind

Now you can't always get what you want ?

My thought is why not ?

But I know I am not that dumb to repeat it

It kind of slipped out accidentally

What was that ?

I didn't hear you ?

I was thinking you might be thirsty ?

How about a nice cold glass of water ?

I couldn't run out of the room fast enough

The first glass of water was for me

I drank it down in know time at all

Think there has to be a better way

Be careful not to push too far or she won't be in the mood and then I might as well camp out under the stars

I thought for sure we were going to have a night of romance

Then I got a great idea ?

I will leave my clothes in the hallway leading to the bedroom thrown scattered on the floor

She will come and let the games begin

I rushed down the hall and set up everything like it was a major production

I even put a hallway night light on

I called her in a nice sweet and no pressure voice

Honey could you please come here for a minute

I waited patiently ...

No answer

She is playing hard to get

Honey could you please come here for a minute with honey on top

Twice the honey is one sweet time

Now with the bedroom door closed I hear the scratching at the door

It is our cat

Go away get mommy

More scratching and then silence

I wait and wait

Finally the door opens slowly

Lets eat first and then we can have some fun later

I just started cooking hamburgers

They are nasty if they get cold

Well if I haven't learned anything yet one thing is for sure

There is always a compromise and some things don't happen the way I planned

She said come lets eat and later I will make it up to you

I get up and throw a shirt on and go to the kitchen table

A little cool if you know what I mean ?

She laughs and says cute real cute

I seen the clothes and it was a great idea

But if we didn't eat now it would be real late

I am thinking so ?

Then you know we were busy all day and ate very little for lunch

Now it is almost 10:00

I smile and couldn't wait to finish everything on my plate

It was like a was a kid again but this time a get the biggest treat for eating everything

So needless to say

Sometimes it pays to wait

Until the time is right for both of us to feel in the mood and no distractions

It doesn't kill me to suffer like a dog in ninety degree heat

The rest is history and a good lover never tells

They only hint and say things like I hear bells

I had so much fun I can't wait to do it again

When we both are ready, willing and able


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 5 years ago

      KatrineDalmonte Even though my wife and I are a great team we have different views on life and the priorities on our list.Half the fun is finding the give and take that makes everything more special.I am so glad you enjoyed it.muddlefast cats are amazing.They are quiet and independent but really want lots of attention and love.I am glad you read my story.Thanks for the tip I will check it out more cats.I love how each one can be so different.daisyflowrs Very perceptive and interesting and you know how to put a very different ending.I too watched maybe too much t.v. but I was busy watching Threes company.Thanx for sharing my humor.acaetnna I am sure my wife would still have a different recap of the events.I have to see what she comes up with.Wow I am always surprised and thrilled what makes her tick.Thanx for coming along for the journey part mystery,adventure and excitement!!!I wish everyone a happy day.

    • acaetnna profile image

      acaetnna 5 years ago from Guildford

      Ha ha - it is impossible to read a woman's mind! I enjoyed your recap of the events!

    • daisyflowrs profile image

      daisyflowrs 5 years ago from Richmond, VA

      Bull(cough)sh*t. I think you dreamed the end of your story. Here is what was 10pm. She was full from eating dinner and very tired. It just wasn't the right time. And no, the clothes scattered to the room was not a good idea. She was mad that you left a mess and she could have fallen on her face. Perhaps she would have let you sleep under the stars. Reality tells me stairs. Maybe I watched too much of that television show, Married with Children, when I was young. You,sir, are lucky to be alive. You stood in front of her and the tv, while she was watching Desperate Housewives. Think... Desperate Housewives. lol. On the other hand, most men have a one track mind. This is hilarious!

    • muddlefast profile image

      muddlefast 5 years ago from Avatar Planet

      Elizabeth Blackadder the watercolorist did some nice cat paintings.....

    • muddlefast profile image

      muddlefast 5 years ago from Avatar Planet

      You like cats a lot without a doubt.....

    • profile image

      KatrineDalMonte 5 years ago

      This is so funny...things not always go as planned. Often it's better just to go with a flow, you are right.

      It's well written in a way that keeps reader's interest to find out what happens at the end. Well done :-)