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What are we doing?

Updated on February 26, 2013

What are we doing?

Environment issues,

Please pass me some tissues,

We are the ones to be blamed,

We are the ones that cause shame.

The human race, it’s a disgrace,

Let’s learn about the past,

It’s catching up fast.

The dinosaurs are all gone,

All that’s left are the bones,

The white tigers are extinct,

A lot of other animls are distinct.

For man’s greed for ivory,

The elephants are shot,

For the skin of the tiger,

For medicine, everything is used-the lot!

We are selfish, thinking of our own well being.

Out in the far stretched ocean,

You can almost hear the cries,

Like savages they hound,

The beautiful lovely whales,

They are hunted for their oils,

It makes my blood boil.

Acid rain, who put it there?

We did because we did not care,

We are species that use our brain,

We are using it wrong, it is causing pain.

The environment issues have to be shared,

Before we are left naked and bare,

And when it’s all gone,

You can just sit and stare.


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