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What did she do

Updated on January 1, 2010

What did she do

Poem.....A day of horror

She calls me Dolly
I call her Baby
I will say I love her
She will say she loves me more
If i ask her how is her day?
She will say it’s great
She will ask how is my day
And i will say lovely
Because i have you my dear wife
So far so good, what more can i ask?
I love my wife and she loves me too
Her existence made my world complete
We fought the darkness together and we had light
Expecting the best part of us to come along
We were so happy until this day
A day i will never forget, a day that traumatized me
It was a the day of horror
What did she do to you i ask and will continue asking
Baby what did you do to them?

Story:(what did she do?)

It was a night in July 1968, there was heavy sounds of artilleries, gun shots and bombs, they are losing it, i know, i had never supported this war and saw no reason why it should be until this day. It was an injustice against me and against mankind. My wife and unborn were not soldiers so what did they do?
What did she do.

The Federal troops stormed into our little community, they were barbaric on the innocent civilians, and their Commander Adekunle said “nothing moves, anything that has life and breaths should be killed.” That was the order, that was his fashion and that was my Baby’s prize.

Poem.....(Tell me)

Tell me how I can live without her
Tell me what i am suppose to do
Watching them cut off my wife
O tell me what this is all about
Tell me how to live and carry on
When all that i built has been taken away
By the hands of the wicked
By the hands of the ungodly
O tell me where i have to stand
The shadows of Biafra lingers in me

Story continue.
It was declared fight to finish but what did she do? She was an innocent young lady trying to make her husband proud. She was among the first that were captured, after raping her, he pulled a knife from his waist sac and cut off her breasts then the taller one began cutting her like she was a chicken, they cut her into pieces and our three months was right inside her, they brought it out and smashed it to the wall.

I cried from my hiding place, it was a deep bunker but i heard the voice of my wife pleading her captors yet all was in vain. Now i understood why it was a sectional war. I understood why the Biafrans were right and i understood why it later was declared “NO VICTOR NO VANQUISH”

But what of all the atrocities committed during the war? Where is the UN war tribunal? It is been 39years yet there have not been justice. The atrocities in Biafra are more than the injustice in Liberia, Sudan and even Iraq. A man gave an order after all that was said and agreed in Aburi. He devoured the UN and took to his guns and arrows, two million innocents were brutally killed, among them 70% civilians. Aids were blocked on the orders of one man yet you talk of Cambodia and termed Rwanda GENOCIDE.

What did she do?

The United Nations has to look back to history because it has not been wiped away and that is why there is an agitation from different sectors and zones, that is why it has become our cause to stand for our people, for the blood soiled in our land by the ungodly men whose hearts is full of treachery and hatred will never be in vain. Yakubu Gowon is a war criminal.

Song....(What did she do)

You see a country called Nigeria
She runs like a heartless man
Because the man in charge is ungodly
She makes few of her people so happy
And many more she deprive
She has a system of injustice
Anikulakpo Fela made it clear
Maybe one day she will comprehend
And see why we all have to live as one
But until that day of justice
I will keep asking what

O what did she do, tell me Yakubu because it was your declaration and your treachery, on Aburi we shall and will always stand, What did she do, Yakubu tell me what she did to your men.

You think it is all about oil
You don’t even care for your own people
Every child born loose his future from day one
You keep your system of treachery
And it is a system that keeps families in subjection
What do you think of your people?
I don’t know why you are so blind
Nigeria is a Nation and not a family house
But no matter what you do, Yakubu
The shadows of Biafra will always be alive
All the prophesies will come to pass

O what did she do,tell me Yakubu cos it was your declaration and your treachery, on Aburi we shall and will always stand, What did she do, Yakubu tell me what she did to your men.

You steal the wealth of our people
You take it to London and Swiss banks
You buy houses in New York
From IBB to Abacha and Abdusallam

What did she do
Yakubu what did she do
It was your entire fault
But on Aburi we stand
Be it no victor no vanquish

For all your injustice and oppressions
I have come to support this cause
Wish i was man enough
When it all began
I would have stood for my wife

O what did she do,tell me Yakubu cos it was your declaration and your treachery, on Aburi we shall and will always stand, What did she do, Yakubu tell me what she did to your men.


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    • htodd profile image

      htodd 5 years ago from United States

      Really terrible

    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 7 years ago from Biafra

      We are the SURVIVALS and will never succumb to the antics of our detractors.Thanks for your comment Osy.


    • Osita Ebiem profile image

      Osita Ebiem 7 years ago from New York

      The worst kind of crime against humanity was committed and everyday more are being committed against the Biafrans by nigeria but the world looks the other way. I hope that very soon the conscience of the world will be pricked and it will turn around to address this festering wound. It will never heal until the day Biafra is set free. People have given their lives for it and it cannot be otherwise.