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What do I remember?

Updated on February 25, 2014

Our time together was filled,

with stolen moments.

What do I remember you ask,

so very many things.

I remember us naked on a bed

talking after making love.

I remember the caress of your nipples

against my side and chest.

Your leg draped over mine

and your moistness against me.

After we had rested, you above me

and your hair in my face.

So many things I remember,

some small and thoughtful.

Times you would call me,

simply to let me know,

That a movie we loved and had seen together,

was on TV and you were thinking of me.

With you I completely let down my guard.

You laugh if I say you're beautiful,

as though something has changed.

You've seen me naked in my emotions,

you've held me as I cried.

You don't understand that when I look at you

I see the person I fell in love with.

No matter what has passed between us, you remain,

the person who pledged her love to me forever.

Yes, I'm older, you are too,

but my heart isn't older, my love isn't older.

My eyes, and heart still see you as you were.

When I look at my children, often,

I don't see the adults they've become.

When I look at them, I see,

the child that clutched my hand.

When I look at them, I see,

the child perched on my shoulder.

So it is with you. I still see,

the beautiful young woman who stole my heart.

No matter how much time passes,

no matter how far apart we are.

You remain the person

who understood me best.

You remain the person

who flirted with and teased me.

We will always remain, for each other

the truest and purest of loves.

We can't and shouldn't ignore it,

it will always be a part of us.


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    • jhamann profile image

      Jamie Lee Hamann 4 years ago from Reno NV

      Thank you for sharing your poetry, your words bring memories of relationships past and present. Jamie

    • headshrinker profile image

      headshrinker 4 years ago from Western Massachusetts

      Another moving poem therunningman. You write with such a palpable longing. And you capture that human aspect where we can look at something or someone and see not what is in front of us but what has resided in our hearts for years. This registers with me on multiple levels. Thank you.