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What happens to the savings?

Updated on February 9, 2014

What happens to the savings?

I remember back in the days..

my dad made a wooden saving box...

and it was fairly large and we

kept in under the bed...

No one could get at it except

if we were desperate, than we

would use a knife to slide out the money...

at least this way... it was exciting to

wait till it was like half full

for treat ourselves.

It was dad's hard worked money

that was left over after paying the bill

and grocery...

The large pennies would go in it each

week., and the small six pence...

It was exciting when it was half full... and we

would gather around it as dad would take

the nails out and the pile of coins on

the floor...

We would pile them up, counting them

(good practice for maths classes).,

we would could them and pile them up into

one pounds...

it was fun counting to see how much was in


Our treat was after sharing out with everyone

was a Christmas Presents for each one of us..

Good all happy days with dad...


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