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Poetry and Emotion

Updated on May 17, 2012


Some people say that poetry comes from the soul or the rather than the mind. Is that where it comes from? I would like to think so. It's those moments where you feel the smoothest breeze in the air flow gently above your chest, or through your hair. You melt into the arms of your pen and paper, and let the words drift off your fingertips. Words seem to flow out of your mind like having the most wonderful dream lift you up in ecstasy. after all, how do we express ourselves without some form of language.

Poetry can be considered the language of love... but it can also hold darkness and mystery. Edgar Allan Poe was a fantastic example of that! Although writing works best when you feel the emotions, nobody knows if he was a depressed man.


Darkness trembles in my heart,

When I see him alone with you.

Disfigure him as if with magic,

And make the sun vanish too.

I'm dreaming, wishing you were here,

Under the dark wings of my crow.

Show me freedom with your breath,

Strike the bow with its arrow.

-Brandon J Martin

I was happy when I just wrote this, yet I felt the rage in my fingertips. Similar to the thought of having more than one brain? We write songs as poetry, remember quizzes better when we make them rhyme... A poem is a manipulable art. A poem may be an art of expression, a written art, an art of memorization.

To a writer, a poem is a fire that burns deep inside the soul, hungering for emotion, hungering for power, and the will to be free when written. It is more than just a few words placed together to make a rhyme. When a poem is written, it seems to have its own pulse, its own beat, its own emotions and world. This world is meant to swallow up a reader and leave them with understandings and questions. What was the poet feeling, thinking, desiring...? But most of all... What does it make the reader feel?

The reader is just as important as the writer. Who would bring these emotions, these worlds, or these characters to life if there was no reader? ... Does a reader need to be good at reading to Feel what an author feels in a poem?... the poem is only as good as its reader, because the reader is the one bringing everything to life once again.

Tell me....

Tell me what Poetry really is in your own words. What is it?

- Brandon J Martin

If you have any comments, thoughts, or you want to share with me anything on poetry, let me know by submitting a comment in the comment box below. I will get back to you as soon as I can! Thanks!!


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    • Brandon Martin profile imageAUTHOR

      Brandon Martin 

      6 years ago from Colorado, USA

      Thank you for your input. It's amazing how diverse poetry can be to people.

    • Mike Marks profile image

      Mike Marks 

      6 years ago

      To me, poetry is the highest reaching of language to describe something that is always out of reach of language, a something that, when related to with words, becomes something else. With words, we try to describe "experience" itself, while the word is never the experience. With words me may sometimes substitute the lesson of the experience for the experience itself. But some times the experience is thought fragments dressed up like words, sitting in council with you, showing you their arrangements to compose bigger ideas, and you love to hang out with them, yes? And you love to see the tangible evidence of their presence on the page? We bring our words home to meet logic, and logic looks them over to make sure they make sense, but some words know logic will never understand them, some words know they can not stay at logic's home where they can not breathe. Some words can only speak their meaning in the mystic wilderness and sing their poetry of a bigger Home.


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