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What is Talent?

Updated on October 27, 2011

What is Talent

What is talent you ask? Is talent no being afraid to be yourself? Is talent a gift or a skii? Talent comes from many things. Such as if you can sing,you can know it. I mean you just can't wake up and assume you got a new talent. Such as us writers,school helped us along the way,and we honed our skills. But what about singing,what about drawing? Singing is a talent,that many people know how to hone,such as tuning their voice,and being in choir. Drawing is another subject though,you got it or you don't. The only thing I can draw is stick figures. But singing, that is a talent I have,i started in choir,and worked my way up. Sometimes ill sing in church,sometimes ill recite a poem in church. Thats why most of my poems are religious. But don't ever be afraid to show your talent. People are gifted in a different way. How boring would it be to have the same talent as everyone else? Ill answer you that pretty boring,you know many people we would have on American Idol,The Voice,or the X-Factor? But talents come a long way,did we ever think that we would be on Hubpages? Look how far every single one of you got,each and every single one of you are blessed.


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