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What is hiding in Alaska?

Updated on April 11, 2013

What is Hiding in Alaska?

Alaska 1958

"Air Rescue One-Niner, come in."

"This is Air Rescue One-Niner." Captain Wright answered. Captain Wright had been in the Alaskan search and rescue unit at Elmendorf AFB for two years. He was familiar with most of the area within two hundred miles of the base. He had twelve years in the Air Force and ten in flying helicopters.

"This is Colonel Adams. We recalculated the wind for last night and want you to search for General Young in Area 175."

"Roger that," Captain Wright replied. Captain Wright was flying over Area 175 about this time last year when he and his co-pilot Captain Fox, saw something in one of the large valleys poking out of the ground. They were on an urgent mission and couldn't search the area and never had a chance to go back. The temperature was above normal for this time of year. The snow was melting and the earth was bare in some spots

Captain Fox said," Is this the same valley we were in last year?"

"Sure is," answered Captain Wright. "I'll swing over there; it looks like something dark." Captain Wright made a wide circle in his helicopter to his right and went to a lower altitude.

"Look!" said Captain Fox. "It looks like that spot we saw last year. Let's go down for a closer look." Captain Wright flew down to get a closer look. Captain Fox shouted, "Look out! Get out of here fast!" They started to climb in altitude but something was pulling against them. Captain Fox got on the radio and called Alaskan Air Command. "We found ....."

"This is Colonel. Adams, come back; you are breaking up."

"Mayday, mayday we have been..." and the radio went dead. The missing flight was searched for by everyone in the air rescue unit for weeks with no results.

Alaska 2010

"After seventy years they are finally condemning this building," said Colonel Black. "We need to have everything in this building moved to the new headquarters."

"I'll get right on it," Sergeant Scott replied. "How about all of the old files in the closet?"

"Move them over to the new building and we will go through them over there."

Sergeant Scott waited for the movers to arrive and had them move the old files in the closet first. "Sarge, we loaded all of the stuff that was in the closet except for this one packet that had dropped behind one of the cabinets. All of the cabinets are crammed full and this won't fit. What do you want to do with it?" one of the movers said.

"Let me take a look at that" said Sergeant Scott. It was a folder marked "Area 175". Sergeant Scott finished reading the cover as Captain Rivers walked in.

Captain Rivers asked, "What have you got there? New orders?"

"No sir. It's an old folder that was laying behind the old filing cabinets. You might be interested in it."

Captain Rivers opened the packet and there was a report of an incident about a training flight that happed in 1958. He looked over the papers in the file for an hour or more. He picked up the phone and called his C.O., Colonel Black. "Colonel Black I found an old file on a flight that disappeared back in 1958 and was never found. What do you know about it?"

"Never heard of it Captain," Colonel Black replied.

"I have a training flight day after tomorrow and would like to fly over the area where they were last seen.

"Capt. you have my permission to fly over there. Just file all the necessary paper work and I'll approve them".

Capt. Rivers said, "yes sir," and hung the phone up.

Captain Rivers read all of the paperwork that was in the file and there wasn't much. There was a chart that showed the approximate area where the crew was when they found something buried in the snow and lost radio contact and that was it. Captain Rivers would go over the mission with his co-pilot Captain Jackson. They had state of the art GPS and cameras and would take photos of the area.

It was ten o'clock in the morning when they took off from Elmendorf Air Force Base. It was April and the air was still cold. It took about an hour flying time to get to the area. They were flying at thirty five hundred feet above the ground. There was a big valley about two miles wide and three or so miles long. They dropped down to eight hundred feet to get a closer look. At the beginning of the valley there was a small dark figure. "Is that someone down there?" asked Captain Jackson.

Captain Rivers said, "I'll go down and take a closer look. That's a man. Looks like he is in some kind of uniform. There's a place I can set down." They set the helicopter down but kept the rotors turning. "Get out and check on him."

Captain Jackson got out of the helicopter and went over to the man. "I am Captain Jackson from the U.S. Air Force. Who are you?"

"I am Captain Wright from the U.S. Air Force".

"Can't be," said Captain Jackson. "You would be eighty years old."

"Eighty two," said Captain Wright.

"How in the hell did you get here?" asked Captain Jackson.

Captain Wright replied, "The aliens in the space ship put me out here about an hour ago."

Just then there was a noise like an avalanche. They looked down the valley and saw something rising from the valley floor. Snow was falling off of it. It was huge. It was round and about the size and look of the New Orleans Superdome. It rose about two hundred feet from the floor of the valley. It had greenish and violet lights on the bottom of it. It remained there for fifteen or twenty seconds and ascended very high in the sky. It stayed for a few seconds and then headed north at a high rate of speed and disappeared.

Captain Rivers and Captain Jackson were spellbound from the time they saw it rise until it disappeared. Finally Captain Rivers realized what it was and got on the radio.

"You what?" came the reply on the radio. Captain Rivers repeated it. "Did you get any pictures of it?"

"No sir. Didn't have time."

"This is Colonel Smith. Don't discuss this incident over the radio anymore. We are sending a special U.F.O. investigating unit out to the site. Remain in the area."

"Yes sir." Captain Rivers gave him his co-ordinates and shut down the helicopter engine.

"You better come with me back to our helicopter." Captain Jackson motioned to Captain Wright to follow him. "You won't believe who I found. This is Captain Wright."

"Do you know anything about that craft we saw take off?" Asked Captain Rivers.

"It is a long story and I don't want to talk about it here," Captain Wright replied.

The investigation group got there and took out all their instruments and set up camp. The Colonel got on board with Captain Rivers and they headed back to base. They landed next to a hanger that was in a restricted area. They went inside the hanger to an office and started the debriefing.

"Tell me what happened in 1958," said Colonel Smith.

Capt. Wright said "Get me some coffee first. I haven't had any coffee since 1958". Someone brought Captain Wright a cup of coffee along with sugar and milk. "I take it black," said Captain Wright. He picked up the cup of coffee and slowly drank it, savoring the taste. Then he said," I want to call my family and let them know I am alive".

"We will get in touch with them for you," answered Colonel Smith. "Tell us what happened in 1958," Colonel Smith commanded.

Captain Wright began his experience. "As you know, we were on a typical training flight when we saw this black area in the white snow. We went to investigate and some kind of force pulled us toward it. It was a space craft that was pulling us toward them. They opened up a large door and we were taken into the space craft. Somehow they caused our engine to stop. We found out later they crash landed here in 1947. There were very few people or aircraft in the area and they had time to camouflage their space ship. It took them all this time to repair their space ship as they didn't have the same materials available to them as on their home planet."

"What happened to the other people that were with you?" ask Colonel Smith.

"There was my co-pilot Captain Fox and a paramedic, Sgt. White, on my flight with me. We were all captured by the aliens on the space ship. They had already captured General Young and a crew of four that was flying with him. They took care of us but would not let us leave until they fixed their space ship. The others died of natural causes. I am the only one that survived."

"What did the aliens look like?" asked Colonel Smith.

Captain Wright asked for some more coffee. He sure missed his coffee. After he drank more coffee he continued. "They are about a foot shorter than us. They have a slightly larger head and eyes. Other than that they look remarkably like us. They made us take off our flight suits and they gave us some of their clothing. We had to modify it as it was too small for us. They kept us in an area about the size of a large house. They never let us go to another area of the ship. They had an artificial light source that was like the sun. I don't know how they did it. It would stay on for fourteen hours and off for ten. Just before they left they gave me my old uniform and set me outside where you found me."

"Where did they come from?" another colonel in the room asked.

"It took them a while to learn our language so we could communicate with them. It was difficult at first. Hand signals was all that was used. We never learned their language, it was very strange. They said they came from the galaxy next to ours."

"What did they and you subsist on?"

"They said they had a farm inside the space ship. They used the snow for their source of water. That is how we saw the dark spot in the snow. They had taken too much of it off the ground and the space ship had shown through. Their food was somewhat different than ours. We digested it okay and it gave us energy. After a while they would kill a moose or deer or a bear for us if it came close to the space ship. That was a real treat."

"We are going to take a break now. We will send some food over and get back with you after you eat. Captain Rivers and Captain Jackson you will have to stay here with Captain Wright until we have a complete debriefing. It shouldn't take more than a couple days."

"We can't let them talk to the public. The public would panic knowing we have had aliens living here since 1947. We can't tell Captain Wright's family about him either. They already think he is dead, so to them he will remain dead. Does Captain Rivers or Captain Jackson have a wife?"

"I will call their C.O. and ask him, Colonel Smith."

Colonel Smith said "If they don't, tell any other family members they disappeared on a training flight. We will move them all to the "Halo" site."

"Yes sir. I'll get right on it"

Then, as an afterthought, Colonel Smith said, "Get the base psychologist over here. Maybe he can hypnotize them into forgetting the whole thing."

The hypnotic treatment was a success and Captain Rivers and Jackson were transferred to another base.

Someplace 2012

As he lay on his death bed Captain Wright reflected back on his stay at "Halo" where he had been confined. It was bigger than on the space ship and there was plenty of very good coffee.


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