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What is it all about?- some thoughts

Updated on December 25, 2012
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What is it all about?

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Delivered to a balanced place,

of cultural, religious and moral servitude,

I am but a reflection of those before me,

an incarnation of my forebears.

My search for place and contentment,

is based on all that is expected,

demanded by societies born of need,

and corrupted by the reality of imperfection.

What say I have is limited,

what belief I have even more limited

by the thought processes I have been taught.

But when I cut away all this superficial shell of living,

all this clog mire of education, work and cultural and moral adherence,

what remains of life that is meaningful,

beyond the goals and so-called necessities of growth and aspiration?

Life is a gift, a journey of discovery about whom and what we are,

far from what we do by force,

what we achieve by enforcing our will,

and what we can accumulate to give credence to status.

We are not society, not a pawn, not a number,

nor an extension of any dogma or belief,

we are individuals with free choice,

with the potential to express love

and to give meaning to life through that ideal.

So much of what we do to me, is superficial,

yet most of us live within these bounds,

never to glimpse the world for what it is,

beyond what society calls conformity.

What defines us is our ability to live for life alone,

regardless of the outside misguided reality,

Your world is what you make it,

what you love,

what gives meaning to you.

The rest is a tainted illusion.


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