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What Is the Best Way to Spend One Billion Dollars?

Updated on March 14, 2018
jackclee lm profile image

Jack is currently a volunteer at the Westchester County Archives. Before retiring, he worked at IBM for over 28 years.


This question was inspired by a recent news story about Jeff Bezos. It is reported that he intends to spend one billion of his fortunes to explore and invest in space travel. Is this a wise move? Or, the money could be better utilized to save our planet?

- Mar. 2018


First of all, a billion dollars is a lot of money. There are only a handful of billionaires in the world. They made these fortunes by smart enterprises. Spending it is not as easy as you might think. People like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos and other tycoons who are globalist and futurists believe the ultimate goal should be to find another home for our species out in deep space. They also believe that our planet is numbered. Either due to our own doing or some natural disaster, our planet is heading for extinction. The only way to save the human race is to find another home perhaps on Mars.

This will take awhile to achieve and they are just starting to plant the seed. To colonize Mars sounds like science fiction but it is possible given the proper geo engineering.

There are some naysayers who does not believe this is viable. Our best bet is to protect our current environment and make sure it does not get destroyed. One way is to adopt renewable energy sources to replace fossil fuel. Another is to build space crafts that can deflect in coming asteroids and avoid a major collision. All these proposals takes time to develop and cost money.

The dilemma for humans is which way to go. What is the better move?

What Would I Do?

I have given this a lot of thought. If I had a billion dollars to spend, how would I use it to get the maximum cost benefit?

In order to answer this in a rational way, it is good to first ask what are the main problems around the world?

Here are some to get started...

  • over population
  • world hunger
  • lack of clean water
  • pandemic diseases
  • wars
  • terrorism
  • climate change
  • energy shortage
  • poor education
  • transportation and congestion
  • aging
  • cancers
  • robots and AI

My Top Priority...

The basics for humans to survive is air, water, food, clothing and shelter...

The next level is energy. We need energy to run our gadgets, be able to move around, to heat our homes, to run our lights, to run our cars and trains, and to cook our foods...

As with recent natural disasters like tsunami and hurricanes, when we loose power for even a few days, things start to go south really quickly. How can we insure we will have readily access to energy power? One that is portable, and long lasting, reliable and cheap. Those are the specifications and so far we don’t have it as yet. Some have come close but no cigars.

A portable energy pack.


In summary, if I had a billion dollars to spend, I would use it to develop a personal power pack. One that can be carried on your back and will be able to run your cars, your house, your computers and anything you will need to survive. I am not sure what that medium would be but it would have to be small, light weight, convertible, and replenish easily. It could be fuel cells or even a miniature nuclear device. Like the Arc Reactor of Iron Man. Who wants one?

© 2018 Jack Lee


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    • tsadjatko profile image

      17 months ago from now on

      Do you know, Jack, does the Bible teach a 40-day period called Lent or an Ash Wednesday of putting ashes on the forehead or are these just customs of the Catholic Church?

    • jackclee lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack Lee 

      17 months ago from Yorktown NY

      Thanks and same to you. Lent is time to reflect on our lives during these 40 days before Easter. Catholics believe we should give up something during this period like fasting...

    • tsadjatko profile image

      17 months ago from now on

      Ummm, I'll take that as a compliment, Jack. However, if your comment was tongue in cheek, remember, it was you who needed more specifics.

      God bless you in this Lenten season as we approach the celebration of that poignent weekend more than 2000 years ago.

    • jackclee lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack Lee 

      17 months ago from Yorktown NY

      Wow, I am impressed. You have the upper hand on number of words to make your point.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      17 months ago from now on

      Paranoid? Seems you really wish you could label me as paranoid and zealot, a nut? That would make you more comfortable as a nominal Christian wouldn't it.

      No Jack, I posted that comment and it was there for a while, the next time I looked it was gone which means you either unpublished it or perhaps it was a hubpage's glitch which I have seen happen in the past, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, and I thank you for publishing it.

      I have read your RICA hub pages and many of your hubpages. That is how I know you are a nominal Christian which I described in my comments. In all your writing never once do you proclaim that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Personal Savior and made him Lord of your life and try to live to please him. The closest you come to that is you are a Catholic or you knew a good Christian and it appears if Jesus is in your life his will takes a back seat to your carnal imaginations, to the extent that you actually would say he gives Christianity a bad name for commanding his disciples to witness to all people and lead them from their bondage (like Buddhism) as I whom you call a zealot am trying no less to do.

      Be that as it may, I'm am neither paranoid or a zealot, and you know it.

      I really don't know what you are looking for as to me being more specific.

      What I said was "If you listened to anything I said you'd know already I would use it to further the gospel in the world THROUGH MISSIONARIES (not specific enough?) and reach out to the unsaved any way possible because that is the only way to share God's love for humanity in this fallen world (not to mention he commanded his disciples to do so)."

      I would think, "being a Christian," you would know missionary organizations throughout the world are in dire need of funds to support their efforts. You want me to be more specific? How's this?

      I would start with the Southern Baptist International Mission board which I have long time supported having given much to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions funds which funds more than 50 percent of the work accomplished through IMB. Named for a courageous Southern Baptist missionary who served in China at the turn of the 20th century, this offering is used exclusively to help provide the day-to-day support for missionaries sent around the globe by their Southern Baptist churches through IMB.

      In the words of William Bullein Johnson, first president of the Southern Baptist Convention, the Foreign Mission Board was created with the formation of the Southern Baptist Convention in 1845 “ . . . for the purpose of organizing an efficient and practical plan, on which the energies of the whole Baptist denomination, throughout America, may be elicited, combined and directed in one sacred effort for sending the word of life to idolatrous lands . . . .”

      Their 2017 budget was well over 250 million dollars! A donation of 1 billion dollars would enable them to increase their efforts world wide, exponentially.

      The International Mission Board (IMB) continues in that original purpose of being part of 46,000 Southern Baptist churches focused together in one sacred effort to fulfill the Great Commission among all peoples.

      What is this one sacred effort? According to our Lord, it is to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20). (That includes Buddhists, Jack)

      Therefore, their mission is evangelizing, discipling and planting reproducing churches among all peoples in fulfillment of the Great Commission. And, their vision is a multitude from every language, people, tribe and nation, knowing and worshipping our Lord, Jesus Christ.

      As followers of Christ, they are laboring together, not to hold anything back. According to His command, we are empowered by His strength and His Spirit in His effort to advance His Gospel among all nations.

      How is the work funded? The Cooperative Program helps fund ministries and missions through cooperating state conventions. A portion of those funds is forwarded by state conventions to the national office of the Southern Baptist Convention. Slightly more than 50 percent of all Cooperative Program contributions received on a national level are directed to help the work taking place through IMB.

      Southern Baptists determine the number of missionaries that are sent by their churches by the level of financial support they provide through the Cooperative Program and Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

      These missionaries proclaim the Gospel, start new indigenous churches through which new believers are baptized, disciple new and established believers in their faith and provide Bible-centered teaching to current and future church leaders so that churches are making disciples in their own Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and ends of the earth.

      An important role of IMB is training and equipping full-time missionaries. Recognizing that the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few (Matthew 9:37), IMB endeavors to assist pastors and church leaders in calling out the called from Southern Baptist churches to serve among the nations.

      Recognizing the primacy of churches in the Great Commission, IMB assists pastors and church leaders in leading their churches to greater personal involvement in that one sacred effort. IMB assists churches to be involved in intercessory prayer, strategic partnership with missionaries on the field that often results in the sending of church members on short-term mission trips, and in greater financial support of the missionaries on the field.

      Beginning in 2011, a challenge was issued by pastors and church leaders across our convention for individual churches to “embrace” an unengaged, unreached people group. These are people groups with little or no access to the Gospel and in which there is no identified effort taking place—and no missionaries working among them—to evangelize, disciple and plant churches.

      In addition to those who God has called to serve overseas through traditional channels of missionary service, IMB recognizes that God is strategically placing Southern Baptist marketplace professionals in vocational roles around the globe. Through Marketplace Advance initiatives, IMB seeks to assist, equip and nurture these marketplace professionals and the churches of which they are members in their strategic role in engaging the nations.

      IMB hosts equipping conferences and training events during the year throughout North America to equip local churches to make disciples. Resources and coaching are geared to assist churches at whatever their current stage of missional involvement and wherever in the world they are seeking greater involvement. Recognizing the generational, ethnic and racial diversity of Southern Baptist churches and the unique opportunity that each church has in engaging the nations with the Gospel, IMB seeks to serve all the congregations of our convention, including our growing number of African American, Hispanic, Asian, Deaf, and non-traditional churches.

      IMB also works stateside with other Southern Baptist entities. It partners with the six Southern Baptist seminaries for theological consultation, educational programs and extension training. It works with LifeWay Christian Resources and the Woman’s Missionary Union in the inclusion of training resources and stories in their materials to better inform and equip Southern Baptists about missions, as well as in the promotion of the Cooperative Program and Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

      Furthermore, IMB assists churches, associations and state conventions in collaboration with the North American Mission Board to evangelize unreached and underserved diaspora people groups within North America. Many of the unreached people groups around the world also have a presence in North America. The valuable experience and knowledge gleaned from work overseas can better equip churches as they endeavor to make disciples of these people groups in North America. Such collaboration demonstrates the long history of Southern Baptists focusing together in one sacred effort.

      Oh, but "Christian Jack" thinks what will really save the world is a personal power pack at a cost of a billion dollars.

    • jackclee lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack Lee 

      17 months ago from Yorktown NY

      Tsad, you are getting paranoid. I was not notified of your comments and only saw it now. Some of us have other things in our lives.

      My rules are simple. I will only delete comments that are spam or contain vulgarity or are threatening...

      I usually allow things that go off topic and just issue a warning..

      Your response is not specific enough. Spreading the word of God and salvation message is just too general. How would you use the money to accomplish it? That was the crux of my question.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      17 months ago from now on

      Well I am surprised you took this long to delete a comment of mine - of course your ego wants you to ignore the truth but your mind can't erase what you've read which will haunt you until you decide to really embrace Christ, mark my words Jack.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      17 months ago from now on

      Just calling a spade a spade Jack. If you are a Christian then you KNOW your brother in law is going to hell unless he turns from buddhism and accepts Christ...and you don't even care? I care, and believe it or not everything I have said to you is for your benefit and were you face to face with Christ I believe he'd tell you the same. I'm not attacking you but trying to open your eyes yet you seem to think rather than acknowledge the things I've said which you basically avoid addressing at all it's Christian to call me names and If you really aren't a nominal Christian you'd know everything I've said is scriptural and we wouldn't be having this discussion.

      "We respect each others faith and try to do good" you seem to think doing good makes you a Christian or keeps a Buddhist from spending eternity in hell? Jack the more you speak of your "spirituality" the more you display that you are nothing but a nominal Christian.

      The really odd thing is that you keep trying to change the subject by asking me what I would do with a billion dollars. If you listened to anything I said you'd know already I would use it to further the gospel in the world through missionaries and reach out to the unsaved anyway possible because that is the only way to share God's love for humanity in this fallen world (not to mention he commanded his disciples to do so)

      No one will need a "personal power pack" in heaven and whatever your time here on earth it is infinitesimal compared to eternity in heaven and I'd use that money to help as many people get the opportunity to get there as possible. If you think that is zealous and I'm "a zealot that gives christians a bad name" then I ask what in the world kind of Christian are you? You do know there won't be any Buddhism in heaven. For your sake I hope there will be luke warm christians though Jesus had something to say about that.

    • jackclee lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack Lee 

      17 months ago from Yorktown NY


      Here is link to my RCIA experince -

    • jackclee lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack Lee 

      17 months ago from Yorktown NY

      Timothy, there are 7 billion people on earth. 1 billion will not go very far to help the poor. How would you distribute that money and who is to decide and where to spend it?

    • jackclee lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack Lee 

      17 months ago from Yorktown NY

      Tsad, you did not have any ideas on how best to use the money and chose to focus on being christian...You did not read my chapter on my conversion... you are in fact a zealot that gives christians a bad name. Why do you insist that your christianity is the only way to heaven? I have a brother in law who is a devout Buddhist. I would not change him or attempt to change him in any way and the same goes for him. We respect each others faith and try to do good. He has many followers on wechat who respect his teachings and they benefit from his advice on life.

      I do my part here on hubpages and write about various topics which I am interested in and in some cases help others. I don’t seek any profit and I donate all my earnings here to charity.

      I don’t need to justify my self to you or anyone. You can read my opinion and comment as you wish. Please stay on topic. That is all I ask.

    • bunmmybukky profile image

      Timothy Ayanrinde 

      17 months ago from Nigeria

      The less privileged are available to benefit from the money

    • tsadjatko profile image

      17 months ago from now on

      Oh but jack it is and you have confirmed it by all your comments, this hub page, frankly your demonstrted carnality. I am not judging you at all and am making no assumptions. I merely pointed out my observations of your comments and drew conclusions from them which I have already justified based on your behavior and not based on assumptions. All your justifications for being a Christian are textbook nominal Christian reasons which I clearly wrote. It is amazing to me that you actually are using all the signs of a nominal Christian to prove to me you are a Christian. Not any of which make you a Christian. Going to church does not make you a Christian any more than going to a garage makes you an automobile. Being a member of a church, attending services regularly, and giving to the work of the church does not make you a Christian.

      The first and foremost reason a non-nominal Christian would give as proof he is a Christian is that he has been born again by God (John 3:3; John 3:7; 1 Peter 1:23) and has put faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Ephesians 2:8 tells us that it is “…by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.” to simply profess belief in Jesus Christ as his savior and lord of his life.

      The thing is Jack, you never said anything like that. So you see it is you who are all wet, but I'm praying Jack that you actually read what I've said and remove the blinders from your eyes. When you truly have a personal relationship with your savior you can't just stick him on the back burner and grab him when you need to show him off.

    • jackclee lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack Lee 

      17 months ago from Yorktown NY

      So Tsad, let me ask you, what specific thing you would do with the 1 billion dollars?

    • jackclee lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack Lee 

      17 months ago from Yorktown NY

      Tsad, I don’t need to because it is not true. There is no evangelical test to be a Christian. You know little about me and you make assumptions and judgement which I believe is not very Christian of you. If you read my autobiography, I have a whole chapter on how I became a disciple of Christ. This was back in 1997 and I was baptized and confirmed and I am a practicing Catholic till this day. It took me a year to go through the RCIA process. I know more about Christianity than most. I study and read the Bible, and because of my work at IBM, I was involved with many other religious institutions including the major ones of Catholicisn, Judism and Protestants and Islam. My work with various libraries and museums took me all over the world including the Vatican and the Holy Land and believe it or not, Wittenberg, Germany. the home of Martin Luther. So you see, you are all wet.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      17 months ago from now on

      I don't think you really understand the gravity of Christianity, which is what some people might call a nominal Christian - if you are not "evangelical" as you put it, you are not practicing Christianity.

      Nominal Christians are church-goers or otherwise religious people whose “faith” does not go beyond being identified with a church, Christian group, or denomination. They are Christians in name only; Christ has no bearing in their lives. Nominal Christians may attend church and Christian functions, and they self-identify as “Christians,” but it is just a label. They view religion primarily as a social construct, and they do not allow it to require much of them in terms of morality or responsibility. Nominalists take a minimalist approach to their faith.

      Bingo - I think you'd have to agree that's you to a tee.

      Why do people prefer a nominal or in-name-only type of Christianity? One possible reason is that nominal religion is easy. It does not require a changed life. A nominal Christian can point to membership in a church as evidence of his salvation. (Think about it, you just played your Catholicism as your "ticket" to Christianity). Church attendance and participation in routines, activities, and programs become the measuring stick

      rather than

      a changed life, a new heart, a love for God, and obedience to the Word

      If you don't think the major problem in the world is reaching the unsaved it shows little respect for the price Christ paid so that you can have eternal life. Your carnality suggests to me you don't have a clue as to just what Christianity is all about. It's just something you can put on your resume.

      You pride yourself on your ability to contemplate things, contemplate on what I have said.

    • jackclee lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack Lee 

      17 months ago from Yorktown NY

      Tsad, thanks for reading. I am a christian and a catholic. I am not evangelical christian that you seem to be. There are many ways to be a good Christian and besides, this is a hypothetical case and I am not commiting a sin to speculate. This power pack, if created would help all people rich and poor.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      17 months ago from now on

      Well Jack you have finally convinced me of your total carnality. I thought you were a Christian.

      Ever hear of the great commission? I don't think Jesus said go into the world and develop a personal power pack. Churches everywhere are praying for missionary needs throughout the unsaved world.

      With christians being persecuted throughout the world, being put to death just for reading the Bible, billions of souls heading for eternal damnation because they are deceived by Satan, and the best a Christian who has a billion dollars to blow can do is waste it on developing a personal power pack? In God's eyes I can't help but think that's a great big "FAIL" jack for any disciple of Christ. Don't think you're going to get a "We'll done good and faithful servant" for that aspiration from Jesus or any of those who were martyred for the sake of Christianity.

      Why don't you try again. After all it's your fantasy. I just can't believe you didn't list the unsaved as one of the major problems in the world when it is the major problem of this world - it's enough to make Billy Graham roll over in his grave!


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