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What is the "Love" of a Woman toward her "Man" kind?

Updated on April 15, 2015

What is the "Love" of a Woman toward her "Man" kind?

A Poem - By Patti Gustav Xaviers

With every step I take
and every breath I breathe;
From the turning circles of my mind
to the deepest cavities of mine heart.
I love you.

I feel your presence,
I hear your voice.
Your words muffle as they fade
then welcome me home again.
I love you.

Despite terror, or fear,
or a fear of falling,
Our God o'er head and our Earth below
Fear is diminished...without refrain.
Without you.
And I still love you.

I do not believe I could ever express
the peace in mine heart
just having known you.
Or ever find the appropriate manner
to love you back your love I can measure.
Except to surrender.
Because I love you.

Love is a forever type of thing.
And that is the way I feel.
But I'm only a woman.
Not a man kind.
To learn what is "love" of a "woman"
I need you...because I love you -
and that is the respect.

I hope you respect me, too.

Love of a Woman

No Matter What, "Absolute Trust and Love."
No Matter What, "Absolute Trust and Love." | Source

I will Always Love You


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