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What is your Energy Level? Be Inspired

Updated on January 15, 2017

Increase Your Energy

Have you ever felt like everything was going wrong? Has your energy level gone way down? How about your job, do you feel like it is going nowhere? Well, we all have times in our life that we feel there is no escape from the bumps in the road, but sometimes we receive some insight through a book or story that we read. I have read a book that I think is a title for everyone’s reading list. It is called “The Energy Bus”, written by John Gordon.

Meet George

This delightful story is about a man named George. He has a good job, a nice home, and a great family but because of life’s trials and tribulations he risks it all when he loses strength and positivity. He becomes stranded in a cycle of nothing good, nothing works and nothing to look forward to.

His energy level is falling quickly, when a new issue arises. His car needs repair which brings him to an all time low. He is feeling like there is no rising out of the rut he is in. But what he doesn’t know is this newest road block is a path to a bright new future.

Well, because of his auto repair issues he needs to take the bus to work. Already agitated, George enters the bus. He is greeted by the bus driver, ironically, her name Joy. From that moment on, with the help of Joy and the rest of the bus riders, George is given 10 steps to help him find that energy within himself again. He will also inform others in his life about the steps and ask them to get on his bus. As you read the book, you will watch him transform from being tired and lost to energized and revived again.

Get Your Copy Today

Read Jon Gordon's book "The Energy Bus". This is truly a book that will inspire anyone that has forgotten what drives them in their life. So hop on the bus with George and Joy and find your inner energy again. You can read this title in just a couple of hours and will feel refreshed after you learn about the "10 steps" for energy and positivity.

Have you read "The Energy Bus?" How would you rate it?

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    • CatsPage profile image

      Catherine Spinola 4 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      Yes, we all do have our highs and lows. That is why I thought the book was worth writing about. It gave me incentive to keep my energy level up..!! It's a quick read, I hope you like it.. Thanks for commenting tillsontitan.!

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 4 years ago from New York

      You've certainly piqued my curiosity about this book. Certainly we all fall into a funk now and again and anything that can help raise your spirits is worth trying!

      Voted up, useful, and interesting.