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Why would you want to be a copywriter

Updated on September 15, 2014

Why not!

Why not become a copywriter?

Check out there advantages-

Make good money

Work when you want too

Pick your jobs

Work from any place

What other jobs can you get all of this.

Wanting to be a copywriter

Wanting to be a copywriter

Let's first start out with explaining, what is a copywriter?

Copywriters write copy for advertising or marketing companies. Be a copywriter you will be writing copy for different companies, help them sell there product.

Why would you want to be a copywriter?

A good copywriter can make more money than most doctor.

It doesn't require college degrees.

It doesn't require any experience equipment, staff, or an office.

It doesn't take years to learn. Can be learned in a short amount of time.

You don't have to work 40 hour-plus weeks to make a living.

You can work from any were in the world. All you need is a telephone and a computer with internet access.

There're just a few reason for becoming a copywriter.

What does it take to become a copywriter?

The passion to write.

The ability to follow direction.

The know how to do, sales letters, landing pages, email campaigns, just to mention a few.

How do we learn to do these different forms of advertising?

Start, by going on the Internet and looking up "How to become a copywriter" Check with your local college to see if they have any programs on copywriting. One place that keeps coming up on the Internet "Copyblogger," might be a place to start, another place was American Writers & Artists Inc. Both places I am sure can answer your questions. It's worth the time to check all avenues.

You have to like to write, because you are going to be doing a lot of writing, when you connect up to a company that wants you to work for them. Let's go to American writers & Artists inc. and take a look at what they have to say about copywriters. The company offers a course called, The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting: It cost $397 dollars. Maybe a bit high for some of us, including me. Lets see what Copyblogger has to say, the have a free course called

Copywriting 101

Copywriting 101 is a free online copywriting course designed to ...

I would take a look at this, and just see if this is what you are looking for. Its a good starting place.

Why not get started today.
Why not get started today.


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