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What its like to be a parent

Updated on March 27, 2016

Having a kid is not for the faint of heart, and by no means is it rainbows and butterflies
in fairytale land 24/7.

My first kid, I didn't know what I was in for but she is almost 3 now, and I could not have prayed for a better child.

I am blessed, and I call myself lucky but there must be something I've done as a parent that I should give myself some credit for.

I guess its a little bit of both.
If I have learned anything in almost 3 years I would say;
Everyday is an adventure like a magic carpet ride to somewhere

you never thought you would be caught being seen as an adult,

and you better not even think of not playing along to swimming animals in the tub doing acrobats or the imaginary present your toddler just placed in your hands.

Life is different now than you ever imagined it being before you had a miniature you, and 4 words you say to yourself daily, TAKE A DEEP BREATH.

"Its all good in here mom"
"Its all good in here mom"

There is no such thing as having a yes/no argument, and you winning.
There is no such thing as saying anything in a snappy voice, and expecting
your toddler to feel like its anything less than a battle.
You speak sternly, and they learn that you are serious and you say it once,
and one time only, and if you have to count to 3 they will stop before you get there
if you save yourself from blowing up daily, and making yourself out to be a joke.

Toddlers are not to be thought of as anything less than a teenager. They have all the same rebellious traits, and can't seem to take no for an answer.

You just have to learn to use that word as sparingly
as possible or you give very little meaning to it.
When it comes to baby-proofing of the house, there are the moms that have
covers on door-knobs, and a lock on every cabinet, toilet, and anything
in existence that could have major consequences.
Then theres this mom that had outlet covers.. and 2 cabinet locks.
(1 for knifes and 1 for cleaning chemicals)

If the cabinet was harmless, then I was going to let her explore it now to at least take the thrill out of it.

By letting my daughter throw things away herself she learned that
only "trash" went in the garbage can. Nothing was ever thrown away
or went into a toilet that shouldn't have.
By giving little purpose to the things she would have wanted to explore,
and explaining what they were used for, she quickly learned that she wanted nothing
to do with them.

You have to give babies credit for their ability to comprehend things even
when you think they have no idea what your talking about.
Tell them it will hurt like the time they bumped their head.
Babies don't know what burn means, or shock means or the term
you use until its relatable. All they need to know is that its going
to hurt, and all babies know what that means because they are prone
to accidents.

I let her watch me put my make-up on and offered some to her, which defeated the purpose of her doing it when I wasn't watching.

She was taught what a hammer was for so that she wouldn't go pounding
on something or someone for that matter cause you have to think about
your kid in multiple situations and what better than to teach them early
on why we use these things, and what for?

Thats not to say you won't find your kid grabbing a screwdriver and trying to fix their broken toy because you showed them what it was for..

but its better than them taking that screwdriver and
poking an eye out, right?

I never lied and said the boogie-man will get her if she goes into a room, or made a promise to her I couldn't keep.

I am learning as I go, and pure honesty has gotten me this far.

Its something you can't let yourself feel wrong for.
You can't expect to be the perfect parent, and kick yourself
for every mistake. That will be your biggest downfall.
It takes a certain kind of dedication
to such a responsibility as being a parent.

Ready or not here they come!

Which parenting style do you feel suits you the most?

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