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Memories of a fire ........

Updated on May 20, 2013

Come with me ! Lets take a little camping trip to the outdoor world , the only world that really matters Yes , the one in nature , let's get back to the woods , the ponds , the lakes and shores of the wild . Here !......take one of the dog leashes , we'll go for a hike before bed time , before we return to our campsite and relax for a few hours before eating , or maybe not go to bed at all. Maybe we can sit up all night while I listen to you babble on about life , about stress , about family or friends ,about love or loss , I'm a really good listener you know ! Or we can just sit for awhile while until learn to relax in nature , while that wine takes affect . Until finally , you have this look of pure contentment on your face , and the lines on your brow melt away , your lips begin to curl into the faintest of permanent smiles .


My night ..........

The camp fire was in need of more wood , yet I was too lazy or too tired and perhaps just a bit too buzzed to rise up out of the lounge chair and grab a piece of hardwood , the coals of the fire sputtered , snapped and popped into the darkness , the sounds echoing off the tree trunks and night darkened leaves around me . I had sat there with the dogs at my feet , sipping on some micro -brew beer and it was tasting good tonight ! The dogs had a nice long walk into the wildlife area , a place of wild woods , rivers , old logging roads and beaver ponds . There must be a hundred miles of old dirt roads up here .

Tonight though , its just the fire and the dogs , the darkness and the cozy little camper , waiting for us to call it a night . In the distance the rumble of thunder drums across the hardwood ridges , and at once an inverted tree of lightning lights up the darkness like a flash bulb showing a second or two of the world around us . I start counting thousand one , one thousand two .........between the thunder and the occasional lightning strikes , the air smells of burned summer evening . Gus , the golden retriever is a little panicky , he hates any kind of loud noises. Bud , the chocolate lab is sleeping like a baby ......and the night storm slowly begins , I'm in a sleepy kind of mood , or buzzed to a point where I seem to be sleepy ........closing my eye's and concentrating on the wind in the trees , I lean my head back and smile to myself and drift softly into a dream scape as storm passes on without dropping any of the rain .The thunder rumbling in the distance until it is no more .

I awaken in a start.......and very close by , the hauntingly ,prehistoric call of the ring neck loon , echoing out of the tree's that are between me and the lake .......and then an answering call from across the way ,sounding almost as if an owl with a melodic rhythm . Over and over again they call to each other until the night time once again buries the sound in my slumber . After a few hours of sleep , half sleep and dream scape I arise and make my way to the real place of sleep , a bed , a couple of pillows and the open screens of the soft sided camper , and yet the loons don't give in , as each and every other animal of the night stops and silently listens to them .

Maybe it's within the sounds of these beautiful loons that triggers some prehistoric memory muscle within my mind , pointing out all the missing answers to my very destiny , am I coming to a full realization of this place , this moment in time , this actual marking of a moment in eternity , and does it all serve just to remind me that I am , I really am and first last , just a small and insignificant part of this natural word ? Either way , any way , I find myself smiling and drifting slowly to the very center of contentment . My last memory of the night , my last thoughts of this one very day in time , is of looking out and the coals of the campfire ,still sputtering flames , popping and snapping , the call of the loon , further away now , and the breathing and snoring of the dogs . And as I drift away from consciousness I feel more than ever at peace with the world .

That was fun , wanna go camping again ?........


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    • ComfortB profile image

      Comfort Babatola 3 years ago from Bonaire, GA, USA

      Sure, why not! This time though, we'll bring along some marshmallows and bug spray. :)

      Great material, though much suited for a book. Voted up.

    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 3 years ago

      Comfort B, thank you sweety , Marshmellows and bug spray ?......There will be no time for marshmellowing , and we have screens you !

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 3 years ago from Southern Illinois

      My you sound like a happy camper. I could almost smell the campfire and hear the thunder..Relaxing read...Let me know when you are going again, i'll have to find my old camping gear.Hee..Enjoyed your description of the night...

    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 3 years ago

      Always ! Hi ... hey guess what ....I just figured out how to "share " duhh to me huh?...Nice to see you !Lets go !......Ed

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Thank you. That was very relaxing.

    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 3 years ago

      Eric , a memory of but one of these many nights , thank you sir !....Ed

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