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What you must consider to write a Perfect Article

Updated on August 23, 2010

Writing an article is really an art and the first  and second foremost consideration one must take what to write and where you intend publishing it. Is it for offline printed pages, press release, review in journals or magazines, or the World Wide Web? This has a bearing on the style, language, and composition of any article.


If we only take up the topic of writing articles for the Internet the following points need to be kept in mind for our writing to be 'perfect' and effective for targeted audience:


  • The most important feature of an article is its title. Short, crisp, informative and impact loaded paragraphs will always attract your targeted visitor. The title is therefore the shortest description of what your entire article is about!
  • Next is the summary of the article. This is an extremely significant step since most directories use it in their abstract pages. The title and the summary are so important that a good article with a bad summary or title can go unnoticed on an article directory.
  • Now we must consider the crux of the article - the body. It should be written in a simple but learned style with the use of effective 'action words' and the least adjectives. What can be said in 150 characters need not be elaborated to over 300 characters! Many excellent writers emphasize the point that "a lot can be said in a few words"! For the Internet it is also imperative that the paragraphs and sub-titles are carefully composed to give an easy readability to the hasty visitor. Using conventional sans serif fonts are better than special or artistic fonts. One cannot over emphasize the need of crisp and effective sentences that are always relevant to the context of the topic under discussion.
  • An article on Internet is meant to be informative and never an advertisement or a competitive review - unless it is so intended. Therefore it is useful to ensure a 'neutral' stance in comparisons and comments.
  • As mentioned in one of the above points the readability aspect cannot be under estimated since the visitors to a web page are looking for quick information and are not interested in reading through any manuscript size descriptions, especially on a first visit! Consequently one must not pack their text too much as the use of short and precise sentences, paragraphs of moderate length, and application of common phrases or words helps in attracting the visitor more. It also ensures that your USP is well received by the surfer.


These five salient points are as unique as each finger and thumb of your hand. Each point "points" to a specific feature of your article and the right combination becomes as effective as the power of a fist!


The Internet is a vast source of information and it should be so treated. The average visitors to your website or any web page for that matter are looking for what they do not know or something he or she is desirous of procuring. The accuracy of your content is paramount since this will guide the visitor from clicking that proverbial order button.


In summary your articles must be well balanced and to the point. It is not important how weighty the article is in terms of words as Internet reading is quite different from hard copy books or journals. The composition of words and sentences woven in readable paragraphs will lead you through to that golden road of success.


A well prepared content that is true to life and advocating a targeted conclusion is all that a perfect article needs to do.



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    • profile image

      mzsmack 7 years ago

      your hub was very helpful thank you i needed that advice

    • profile image

      curtisgirl 7 years ago

      very good. keep it up

    • profile image

      Edes Ihensekhien 7 years ago

      It has always being ur dream to write, not just write but good writing so am not surprised one bit. Keep it up bcos it will take u places, show d world wot u gat bro cos dey really need to feel u.

    • profile image

      Shola Falani 7 years ago

      Good job what you have done here.hope you'll make time to work for me when i become a top political.articles of me by a wonderful writer like you will look good if published.keep them coming.have my eyes on you

    • mquee profile image

      mquee 7 years ago from Columbia, SC

      This is a great hub. Very informative and excellent advice. I have trouble with short concise titles for my articles and I am working on that.

      The internet is loaded with information, but one must do his/her research to glean the factual information.

      I will use this article as a refernce point when writing my future hubs. I voted it up and bookmarked it as well. Very well done.


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