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What your FB posts reveal?

Updated on June 14, 2016

What your FB posts reveal?

Ah my friend has posted those happy selfies again! And this time her status reads.." Having the most wonderful time at XXX International Airport"

Please! What could possibly be so euphoric for a jet lagged person to be stuck for another 6 hour wait at an Airport?? But wait! This is a game. Much like those book nerds I knew way back in school! They would come for an test with raccoon eyes,frizzed hair and complete wrecks...but will NEVER admit to having sat up the entire night studying for forthcoming exam.

Hypocrites?? Perhaps much deeper These are the breed who live in self deception, EVERY minute of it. In their desperate attempt to cover all flaws and create an image which is aspirational,unreal and dangerous , they live on that thin line where the fear to topple over envelopes completely

Then there are those who spend an entire lifetime browsing one website after another to repost what they perceive as the first one to do so, or perhaps use others' intelligence to pass it as their own.

Then there those...the classic attention seekers who post every living minute from seeing a movie to holidaying abroad on their FB pages.To make sure its seen , they very conveniently tag multiple friends. Politeness,thank God, people still have them dictates that we comment. And yoohoo! Target likes and comments reached.

The business of tapping human insecurities had grown and how! We had straight forward insurance companies earlier, but today social media has not just redefined it but has created new age Zombies. Timeless age,time less body Said Deepak Chopra.But this is Mindless Brain and mindless Game!


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    • Honeywrites profile image

      Honeywrites 22 months ago

      Truth revealed. Saddle your horse or have your free fall