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What Maara and Lee Had To Put Up With

Updated on January 16, 2010




“The Barn Gang Detective Agency Series”


“B&G Book #1”


“The Ghost of Fad Mountain Mystery”




Lisa Luv


Lisa J. Warner









Back in the early days when the agency was L&M only residing in the barns second floor, Maara’s brothers would often taunt the two girl detectives relentlessly.


          Maara’s brothers would tease the girls something awful!  The boys would gather in the first floor of the barn, hang out and just think of pranks to pull on Maara and Lee.  Mainly the boys thought it was silly for Lee and Maara to think they were detectives, and a little bit of jealousy I am sure played a role in this teasing also.


          Even though Maara’s brothers were playing harmless pranks and tricks to the two young girl detectives this often could get so obnoxious it would cause Maara and Lee to get so upset they would call on Mr. Feezie to straighten out the boys’ shenanigans.












Chapter #6


Winning Over Comrades


Eventually the L&M Detective Agency became very popular.  Maara and Lee were acknowledged and applauded for solving crimes, as well as helping people with lost items, and doing excellent research on secrets that needed to be unraveled.


With this success of the L&M Detective Agency as well as some considerable time passing allowing Maara’s brothers to mature a bit more and one very courageous second story jump by Lee caused Maara’s brothers and a couple of neighborhood youth to ask to join the detective agency.


Hence forth Maara and Lee accepted the new comers expanding the agency and caused the name of L&M Detective Agency to evolve into B&G Detective Agency.















Chapter #7

Lee Wake


Now my reading detective peeps;

Let us continue back in time when Maara and Lee were still the only detectives.

          Remember I mentioned that one of the reasons Maara’s brothers started taking the two girls seriously as detectives was because of Lee’s two story jump?  A very courageous and maybe foolish I might add two story jump!


          Well I am about to tell you about the jump, but before I do let me fill you in on some details about detective Lee Wake.  Than we can roll into the two story jump tale.


          Lee Wake is a tall girl who has dark long wavy frizzy almost afro-ish hair.  A little tid bit I should mention is that Maara being Lee’s best friend never hid the fact that she is always a little envious of Lee’s full figure.


          Lee is very tomboyish, a no fuss or muss type of gal.  Lee never did understand the big deal about what difference peoples body types were, and was very unaware and humble about her natural voluptuous beauty.


          There are times when Maara calls Lee nicknames like “HOT LIPS”.  When Maara calls Lee “Hot Lips” it embarrasses Lee, causing Lee to turn a blush of strawberry red.  Now Lee is aware that Maara does not always call her “Hot Lips” out of love, but more from jealousy of Lee’s full figure, but Lee being so very kind hearted even though being hurt by Maara’s name calling from her envy plays it off as jesting only, not to cause anymore embarrassment or friction between the to of them on this pointless matter.


          Lee sees no reason for Maara’s jealousy and always answers back to Maara with encouraging words on Maara’s unique looks which are in reality more than fine not only in Lee’s eyes but to others also.


          There are times Lee is called “HAIREY” by Mr. Feezie and his sons, but Lee is also intuitive enough to know they call her this out of pure love, by referring to Lee’s wild amount of frizzy long curly hair.  All the same when Lee is called “Hairy” she also blushes a beat red.


          Lee can take a lot of teasing which comes in handy, especially because every time Lee enters the Feezie yard the boys and Mr. Feezie go into a fun sing song alarm shouting “Hairys here!” “Hairys Here!”


          Luckily Lee has that very long fuse, keeping calm most of the time and generally never looses her temper.


          However when the time comes to fend off bad villain types Lee goes into fighting mode and is capable of doing great harm to protect herself and others.

          Lee is considered very bold and brave.


          Now my readers;

Lee has a very vivid imagination which comes from her creative artistic side.  This you will see can play a significant role in many situations the detectives have to handle.

          Lee being a tomboy plays many sports as well if not better than most boys.  As a matter of fact Lee finds it exciting to challenge boys in all sorts of different activities which also makes for some interesting times.


          My dear reader detectives now I’ve described a bit of Lee to you, I will tell the tale of Lee’s two story jump. 

          Remember back when in time how Maara’s brothers were always relentlessly teasing the two girl detectives, this is where our story begins.






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    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 8 years ago

      Thank you Lisa Luv. I'm on the edge of my seat.