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What are your favorite websites that make you laugh and put sunshine in your day?

Updated on March 24, 2011

Silly pictures, but I can't stop laughing

Three years ago, I wrote a short Hub as follows:

"My newest favorite website is a blog on It's called "I Can Has Cheezeburger?" and, as they say, it may sound stupid, but you just gotta see it for yourself. It's hundreds of pictures of cats, with a few bunnies and mice added and the captions are in "cheezeburger language". This is a patois of text message abbreviations crossbred with the illiterate misspellings common on message boards. "Teh" for "the", "O Hai" is the standard greeting, and of course the cats are all "kittehs". If you have a nine year old granddaughter by any chance, I recommend you introduce her to the site and share a secret language that will make her parents tear their hair out."

Since then, cats craving cheezeburgers have become old hat in web world. The people who started the site are probably zillionaires; they sell lots of merchandise and the site has become mainstream and is now probably a little passe. And, I'd no longer recommend it for a nine year old granddaughter. I've seen lots of mildly R-rated captions from the kittehs, and they even have an "After Dark" section with an adults only warning on the link. Such is life, but the "Itty Bitteh Kitteh Committehs" still make me laugh.


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