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What happens when we die - Sam Parnia on NDE

Updated on February 3, 2012

Ascent Into the Empyrean

This is drawn by a dutch artist named Hieronymus Bosch
This is drawn by a dutch artist named Hieronymus Bosch | Source

Yes, What happens when we die ? Dr. Sam Parnia had got the same doubt and started his research on this point. He collected all his research information and made it into his book "What happens when we die".

Being a doctor, he had seen many deaths and near death situations in his career which aroused his curiosity to learn what actually happens when we die. He started on the way to find the most scientific answers to this and the collection of all his work is the book "What happens when we die". Usually, when the heart stops beating which we call as death, it takes 11 sec to have impact on the brain cell due to the lack of oxygen. They release the hormone "EpinePhrine' and would try to compress the veins to maintain the blood pressure and intern try to bring back the blood circulation to the normal. But, whenever it may be, the brain cells would start dying in 15 min and could not be recovered. So, whatever be the attempts to bring back the person to life such as using CPR with in 30 min of death, some damage to the brain would be inevitable.

If we get into the details of his research, 20 percent of his patients were brought back to life with in brain damage though their heart didn't beat for more than 30 min. They said that they saw all this from the sky and were able to tell everything that happened though their brain was clinically stopped. Everyone explained the same thing about their experience during the time between their death and life.

1. Everyone said that they saw a tunnel with full of brightness. Some people told that they traveled through the tunnel too. (They believed the brightness their God based on their religion)

2. They could see their relatives and friends who were dead.

3. They saw their whole life as a movie clip and some people regret about the things they did in their life.

4. They were flying in the sky and were seeing their physical body.

Though there were some differences based on their religious beliefs, almost everyone said the same thing. Dr. Sam Parnia has also explained about the Near death Situations and the experiences of the people who faced the NDE. It is mentioned that the brain works the same way in both of the cases where people are facing the NDE and people who actually died (heart stopped beating) and brought back to life.

The people who faced such NDE situations in their life seemed to change a lot in their life later on. Many had turned towards social welfare and many changed their perceptions about the way thier lives.


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