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Never on Sunday

Updated on February 12, 2014
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Born in Rhodesia and emigrated to South Africa 1982.2013 then emigrated to United Kingdom,where I run my own Locksmithing business.

Smile Awhile
Smile Awhile


"The Day in the Life of ..."

She tends to the needy

A mighty fine young nurse.

From the early morning

Till the night, even worse.

She’s there to console them,

When the tears do flow.

No matter what may happen,

She’s always on the go.

"The Lady of Hills."


There is this lady of hills,

Who got so many thrills,

Looking down into the valley

Of the rocky alley,

It's enough to bring on the chills.

"Blyde River Gazing"


On the hill there is a view,

Where not many folk do queue,

Although the sight is so amazing,

Where one can sit around gazing,

At all the different kind of rock features,

With their colourful creatures.

"Thrills in the Hills"

The hills are steep the sides are sheer,

The fence stops the people from getting near,

To the edge where deep down,

Lies the hill’s rocky ground,

And out in front far and wide,

Is the wildlife countryside.

"Fly by Night."

She flies at night when all are asleep,

Far above where the darkness is deep,

Once in a while you’ll see her fly by,

On her broom past the moon up high,

She’s all alone with her black cat,

Cackling away is her form of chat.

"In the Dark"

How much longer can we endure?

The mist that seems to come more and more,

The road never seems to end,

As we reach each treacherous bend,

Then as suddenly as it appeared,

The mist all then disappeared.

"Cloud Cover"

Up up up towards the sky,

Over the clouds way up high,

Below, the clouds whisper in the breeze,

Along mountains and through the trees,

They look as calm as they can be,

What they hide the eyes don't see.

Cloud Cover
Cloud Cover

“Aware of Love”


Hope that you are well aware,

Of all the love that’s in the air,

Love of nature ,love of life,

Love for every girlfriend and wife,

But most of all my love for you,

Let it be loyal, faithful and true.




Lying in the lap of luxury,

Getting washed by my beauty,

Giving each other a dam good treat,

From head to toe, forget not the feet!

Now my Love what do you say,

We can do this every day,

When we’re rich and famous that is,

Wouldn’t life be a happy bliss?


“Autumn Blues”


Now that Autumn has begun,

We’re still waiting for the Summer sun,

Rain pelts down both night and day,

Never ending, to our dismay,

Up above there’s no blue skies,

But there’s still love, before my eyes.


“Bushing It”


On the local bus while doing it’s rounds,

Where we go on the ups and downs,

In the bush where we can see,

A giraffe eating from a near by tree,

There’s old Mr. Wildebeest so still,

Charging us would be a thrill,

On the other side the Impala run,

Up and down and having fun,

Back to camp to sit around,

The fire set in the ground.


“My Savior”


I have a nurse, who does care,

About me throughout the year,

She tends my wounds my problems too,

Even when, I have the flu,

She’s my Florence my nightingale,

All around if I should ail,

I should live to a good tender age,

With her beside me as my sage.


“Peaceful Sleep”


There she lies all at rest,

My hand resting upon her breast,

She’s in a world of make believe,

Nothing there to make her grieve,

In this happy state she lies,

Dreaming as the time flies by,

Looking at her I wouldn’t miss,

Watching her in peaceful bliss.


“Heart of Warmth”


Morning chills and the midday sun,

Tis the way Winter has begun,

Cold is the morn of the day,

Warming up to brighten the way,

Smile for me and warm my heart,

To begin the day, with a good start



Daily Poems

"A Shining Light"


The clouds are so dark this morn,

Making for a day forlorn,

Will it rain, or will it snow?

This, we do not know,

But there is a shining light,

When I come home to you at night


"The Lady for Me"


There is only one lady for me,

Who brews up a mean recipe,

Be it a roast,

Or of a soup to boast,

She’s also a lovely lady.


"The Lady of Kiss"


There is this lady of kiss,

Whose lips I can’t resist,

They’re delicious and juicy,

And get me all sprucy,

They send me into a state of high bliss.


"A Birdie Tale"


He bobs up and down upon the ground,

Eating insects he has found,

He chirps to his mate to join him there,

So she can also have a share,

I’m not sure if he did her catch,

But they sure looked a very good match.


"A Darkening Sky"


The clouds move slowly in the sky,

Dark shadows way up high,

Patches of grey show here and there,

Causing a coolness in the air,

The sun is hidden once again,

Making way for the Autumn rain.


"The Lady of Light"


There is this lady of light,

Who on a broom takes flight,

She soars through the air,

With the greatest of flair,

Oh what a heavenly sight.


"An Autumn’s Day"


The birds sit in the empty trees,

Devoid of all their leaves,

As the wind blows them to the ground,

With not a whisper nor a sound,

But the leaves rustle beneath ones feet,

And the birds still go, tweet tweet.


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