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What’s Going On in Marley Woods, Missouri?

Updated on February 5, 2014

by Christine B.

Where in the world is Marley Woods, Missouri? No one really knows for sure, no one except for Ted Phillips, that is. Ted has done extensive research into the mysterious location and to avoid others from bugging him, he made up that name.

Ted Phillips is a UFO/paranormal activity researcher who has reported many strange events in the area, along with the local residents, whoever they might be!

Some of the unexplained phenomena that has been witnessed in the area include balls of light, unidentified amber lights, UFOs descending into the woods, burnt rings in the woods made by undetermined forces, people being pushed by unseen hands, mutilated and dead cattle from no apparent cause, swirled patches of grass made by unknown devices, and strange creatures that were unrecognized as being anything known to science walking in the area.

The earliest recorded witness account was in 1970 when a caretaker for a cabin in the area reported finding a burnt ring that was about ten feet in diameter. Inside the ring he also found three holes in a triangle formation.

In 1988 a glowing white object hovered over the upper branches of a tree in the area. A group of children who were playing on a trampoline witnessed the object—and three of them died within two weeks of the sighting. Also in 1988 a cigar shaped UFO was sighted in the area by a husband and wife. They reported seeing several windows in the UFO and witnessed a beam of light shooting toward the ground coming from it.

In 1998 a family heard a loud noise in their yard while watching TV. When they went out to investigate they found that an old pick-up truck of theirs, which had no engine and with the emergency brake engaged, had been moved over twelve feet to in front of their garage. There was evidence that the wheels didn’t move as there were ruts presumably made by the tires in the dirt behind the truck. When they returned to their home they found that the glass in a stereo cabinet was cracked.

1999 was a very active period for the area. A rancher found several of his cattle mutilated or dead in one of his pastures. He also found a burnt ring, about twenty feet in diameter on his property that his horses refused to go near. Also, a cow gave birth to a mummified calf. Swirled grass was also found near to the event. A senior couple witnessed a bright UFO descend into the woods behind their property. The next day they found charred markings where they saw it descend.

In 2008 (May) Seven or eight amber-colored lights were witnessed in the skies in the area; and in September of the same year a property owner reported seeing two extremely large (at least 200 pounds) dog-like creatures walking slowly together about 900 feet from where he was standing.

Ted Phillips is reportedly working on a web site which will document these events in more detail, but it has not been operational as yet.


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