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What's Pinning?! Unearth those lost and forgotten pins.....

Updated on March 21, 2013

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the first entry of WHATS PINNING?!

I am Stephanie a mother of two wonderful, button-pushing, funny, lovely

and emotional roller coaster riding children. Yes that was a mouthful.

My daughter is 9 years old and loves to help me invent and recreate some

delicious baked goods and crafts. She’s a dancer with a vivid imagination.

My son is 5 years old and requires a little more than most children as he is

developmentally delayed. He is a very bright boy with plenty of his own ideas,

he also likes to watch and help out in the kitchen. He’s an exceptional story teller.

Several months ago due to an injury that has taken much longer to heal than I had

initially thought it would take, I had to take an extended leave from my job and I

became a stay at home mom. I don’t want to sugar coat anything aside from my

baked goodies but it has taken some adjusting. Some days are downright crazy

but I find that it is also very rewarding. I’ll let you in on a little secret…10 years ago

I couldn’t really cook anything aside from what came in a box. My husband and I

were just starting our lives together and I wanted to do the things I thought a wife

should (I was young ) So I asked my mother-in-law for some recipes, she refused

completely saying when I die. I remember seeing an episode of “Everybody Loves

Raymond” where Marie gave Raymonds’ wife Debra the wrong ingredient to a

recipe that Debra had been begging for. The meal came out horrible, of course Debra

finds out and tells Raymond but he doesn’t believe her, men and their mothers. Long

story short I didn’t want to be like that, I was angry ok not really, but my revenge

would be to learn everything and make my cooking better. I’ve told her this not

so long ago and we laughed like maniacs. I love her so much. Somewhere along

the line it became less and less about her and more about how much I loved doing

it, creating things that people enjoyed looking at and eating. I figured if I could teach

myself to do that I can teach myself anything, well almost. I went on to crafting,

beading, chocolate making and much more but I’ve been lingering in the baking

world for quite some time and I love it here. But now that you know more about me

I want to tell you what this blog is about. I have searched the internet to find kid

friendly crafts, ideas to keep the kiddies entertained, recipes, inspiration and all

the good stuff. Among other websites I have found Pinterest. If you’ve been on

Pinterest then you know it’s like stepping into another world. One filled with crafts,

advice, humor, how to’s, and recipes of all kinds. And like a very large

maze it is easy to become lost in all that information. I mean you can literally get

lost in pinterest. You’ll click something on crafts and several pins later you can

find yourself on how to create a desk out of used furniture. I am guilty of this one.

Sometimes I’ll pin something so I can do it later and then forget all about it. So

I’ve decided that I’m going to revisit my forgotten list and get some of these pins

done. I will then come back to you and share details on how much it cost if there

is any cost, difficulty of project, and occasionally a step by step video. I will try my

very best to list the original pinner and stay true to the pin itself. But there may be

some times that creativity gets the best of me and I may tweak the original idea,

but don’t worry…I’ll let you know. I have to put this out there….Pinterest is in no

way affiliated or sponsoring any of my post and I am not receiving any type of

compensation from them. I am an avid learner of all things baking, crafting,

and pretty much anything that sparks my interest. And if you are here then I’m

guessing you do too. These posts are based on my opinion and a way for me to

learn then share that with you, and have you share with me. So thank you for

stopping by and reading this lengthy post (it’s our first, a lot of details) I really do

hope to see you all again. Don’t forget to bring your ideas, experiences, and your

forgotten pins so we can get them done together.

I posted a comment with this before I realized I could edit :) but the What's Pinning?! blog is now LIVE check out the first project by pressing the link below, ENJOY


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