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What's Your Alternative??

Updated on December 12, 2009


What is your alternative.



So then,
what is your alternative,
hate, loneliness, despair?
bitterness and tears???
becoming an old maid,
a spinster, wrinkled and sad,
with twenty cats and a dildo?
sometimes the joy is in the challenge,
There are gadzillions of
good guys out there,
raise your standards,
go where the good guys are,
church events, charity events,
well established clubs
that help society when needed.
Without love
all the world is a stone
spinning endlessly
in the cold space around you.
We are concieved in love,
born into loving arms,
at least most of the time,
and those who are born without love,
crave it all the more
like a drug denied.
We are taught to love others,
and we make friends to that cause.
We date, and peruse
the available loves to us
and then....
We find someone special,
and we eventually marry.
Thus we begin the cycle anew,
with babies to love
and to be loved by.
We grow old,
with grandchildren
sprinkled near our feet,
adoring our wrinkled smiles,
and then we die,
usually wrapped
in the arms of family,
who whisper sad goodbyes.
Without love we are nothing,
for nothing beats love.
The unloved walk the avenues
of what wasn't,
window shopping
other people's dreams,
and selling their flesh
to compensate for their
lack of shared souls.
Seek love, cling to it,
make it a vital part
of your heart.
If you truly believe in it,
and have faith
that it cannot fail you,
And even when it does,
it will not matter.
For it will come again...
it will always come again,
I have seen ninety year olds
in a nursing home where I entertained,
nuzzling and cuddling together,
love will tenderly lift
your battened down eyes
and you will bask in its glow,
breathless and open
to it's next offering
as you are tenderly kissed by
it's sweetness and joy.




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