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What's an Isbanger?

Updated on September 25, 2012


What’s Isbanger?

Isbanger pronounced

“I banger” or “eye banger”

Is the best possible angle

For acoustics or photography

Remember me on the banks

Of the north and south sea?

Look at yourself then look at me

Isbanger as the water recedes

Silent speakers expose secrets

Every night you cry like a child

Me, gq in a stuffy suit

Absently we acquiesce

To longings of luxury

That which makes us infinitely happy

Washes away in detriment eventually

Once they had an upper hand

Figuring things would always be

Beneath the table footsies

Wind up the skirt, stomping daisies

Our vulnerability set them free

We make guarantees in gentle accords

Prepared for war should we disagree

As most of us have been told

To make a dish best served cold

Like swordfish or tuna or treasures

Of the unclaimed deep

The wavelength increases

They stand speechless

With nothing to show

Palms upwards in plea

My own hands callused and hidden

Yours manicured to the tee

Gatherings of air our lungs collect

Between shallow breath

And chattering teeth

Meek and meager beneath our maker

An opportunity before isbanger

Stand still and instantly

Become eternity



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