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What's the key to living?

Updated on March 11, 2017

I feel incomplete
At times of energy I feel deplete
In accordance with my nature life's requirements do not meet
The need to break free at times is so strong
I feel about it nothing what so ever is wrong
As for it so much I do long
To bring back in my heart the long lost song
The song alone can enliven my soul
And bring it back in rhythm with the whole
So high can fly the bird of my soul
As time is ebbing by
To prepare to leave this world time is nigh
No time to waste over the past and cry
Passage of time has taught
The most precious things in life cannot be bought
What matters most behind all is the thought
Thoughts are what foremost need to be out sort
At times the world appears all so much
Other times it appears to disappear just with a touch
All this makes me so very perplexed
Emotions surge within which I keep suppressed
These emotions create inner turmoil as they are not expressed
Wonder to living in this world what's the key
It seems to be about any and every thing besides you and me
This secret reveals only at the time of death you see !!!


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