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When A-gust Of Leaves Brings 9

Updated on January 2, 2010


When Au-gust of leaves brings 9.



September's embers
will burn
bright orange,
red and brown,
as the remnants
of August melt
into vast piles
of tears shed,

Stark limbs will reach
for stormy skies
wildly dancing
as Indian summer's
war paints are
washed away under
the splash of
school galoshes
and puddles meeting.

Squirrels will run nuts
to their nest
storing up
for the long
winter madness

Geese will paint
farewells in wide
V's across the sky,

Giant, rumbling,
orange machines
will vacuum children
from the streets,
blowing hopscotch dust
and Popsicle sticks
into oblivion
as they drive on by.

September's embers
will smolder long into
October till the
snows of November
turn the world's
canvas white.




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