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When Did Comics Become Hip

Updated on April 13, 2013
Avengers Assemble!!!
Avengers Assemble!!! | Source

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Spider-Man and Green Goblin Face-Off
Spider-Man and Green Goblin Face-Off | Source

Comic fans are the cool kids

It wasn’t too long ago that people would turn their noses up at comic books. People used to laugh at me for still reading comic books well into my teenage years and beyond. But then something happened; comic went mainstream. Can we finally step out and embrace our beloved characters in public?

Comics have been around for many decades. But for a long period they were looked down upon. There was even a point in time when comics were facing the US Congress. These books have always had an uphill battle against society. However, they have also always had the support of an unwavering fan base. The comic book community has always stood together.

Comic book fans tend to look at one another as a family. They gather at convention centers around the world to celebrate their “funny books” and even dress up as their favorites. These people were always called “weird” or “strange.” Then sometime in the beginning of the 2000s comic books exploded. Bryan Singer’s “X-Men” opened in theatres and that was the tipping point. We’ve had comic book films long before this; but the technology had finally caught up to these worlds. You can seamlessly bring to life the world of Marvel and DC in a way like never before.

Next came “Fantastic Four”, “Spider-Man,” “Daredevil,” “Batman Begins,” and so on. This was all before a “The Avengers” phenomenon was possible. These movies were quickly becoming the must-see summer blockbusters. Every year fans eagerly awaited the next superhero adventure. It wasn’t long before comics outside the realm of superhero were being developed. We were given “300” and “Road to Perdition.” These were films that many people perhaps never knew were comic books until after the fact. Soon, people who said they’d see a comic book movie were praising them.

We were even given the ultimate in the way of a comic book movie; the comic many said was unable to be filmed, “Watchmen.” All bets were off as we reached a fever pitch at the end of the 2000s. With Marvel Studios reaching new heights and Warner Bros/DC taking the next steps to spotlight their characters, the sky is literally the limit.

All of this has given the fans of comics something to be proud of. Suddenly, the geeks were the cool kids. If you could name every member of The Avengers or could recite the Green Lantern oath; you were given a pat on the back. Society has embraced these characters to a degree many fans never expected. It’s almost like Dr. Strange himself has cast a spell over all of mankind.

Regardless of how long this lasts; it’s amazing to see the turnaround in comic book history. From a period were comics were struggling to find exposures to a point were the highest grossing films and one of the highest rated TV shows are based on comics. Comic books have become cooler than they have ever been. Many fans thought they’d never see the day when even casual fans would dress as Batman or Catwoman and go out in public that way. But now, it’s a regular occurrence to see fans dressed as character at midnight screenings, waiting for hours to see the next adventure for Iron Man or Thor.

In the end, True Believers always stood strong and patiently waited; now their patience has paid off. We are all reaping the benefit of were comics have reached. This comic fan couldn’t be happier to see were things have ended up.

Batman and Bane Do Battle
Batman and Bane Do Battle | Source


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    • Geekdom profile image

      Geekdom 4 years ago

      As a long time comic fan, it is great to see my geek passion become popular media.