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When God Shrugs.

Updated on November 24, 2009

When God shrugs!



God is weary of it all
the burden of the earth lies
heavy on his shoulders
he created a paradise
and is left with a festering sore
mans freewill run amok
babies dying daily
sacrificed to lust
starvation and war
Eden has been eaten
by greed and parcelled
out in small lots
to only the wealthiest
worshipping the idle of gold
man has created a new Atom
and it threatens to
destroy the paradise
of life itself with it
Eve has a new apple
it connects her to
every available sin
and then some
with a click of a mouse
soon God will shrug
and all of his children
will be flung in the air
off the face of the earth
vanished in an instant and
caught in his loving hand
both the living and all the dead
who were his own
then the other hand will ascend
and wreak havoc and tribulation
angels of woe
will bleed the free will
from man's flesh
one plague at a time
for why if you were God
who gave his creations
life and all that the earth
can offer them
why would you stand by
only to have them
spit in your face???
even with the knowledge
produced worldwide
of his love for all
they still deny and spit upon you
why would you not wipe them
like the spittle from your face???
and there shall be gnashing of teeth
and men will seek death and
not find it
waters will turn to blood
mountains of fire cast into the sea
1/3 0f all life extinguished
and men will seek death and
not find it
Then eternal damnation
will claim them
thus be aware
When God shrugs
according to your own heart
be prepared to
raise your arms and fly
or duck and tremble!


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    • J  Rosewater profile image

      J Rosewater 8 years ago from Australia

      The concept of eternal damnation is an interesting one. Perhaps it contains a tiny smidgeon of human vanity? I hardly think humans will achieve anything eternal, least of all their own survival into forever.