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When I Am Out Numbered

Updated on June 25, 2011

When I Try To Do What Is Right

Sometimes I have to think real long and hard is it worth it

My wife calmly says remember you have to work tomorrow

My kitten just surprised me with an unwanted gift

Since we have a small house the cat box just happens to be in the office

Can you guess where I am currently sitting

About 5 feet away from lift off or more like landing

Lucky me as I type this my eyes begin to water

I will be right back after a quick scoop

Now that's better I can at least think without being light headed and a little bit woozy

I have the good cat litter too (scoop away for multiple cats)

But when the intial impact of a bomb being dropped it doesn't matter what kind of cat litter you have there is still fall out

On to bigger and better things

I didn't mean to bring you down the wrong road but I wanted you to understand my journey

Kind of like walking in my footsteps but this time we stepped in something and it wasn't a bed full of roses

Today I had a busy day and nothing I could put my finger on as a real accomplishment

It rained all day and all night off and on

I am so glad that this is one water bill I don't have to pay

See my day is looking brighter already

It is late and I have to get up for work in four hours

So do I sleep or do I type

You guessed it

I type until my eyes begin to droop like a flower with no water

I am inspired by my new friend who gave me 5 comments in one day

She became a follower and I will keep her a secret for now

Let the mystery begin she surprised me with beautiful comments before bed

I sometimes get home late and like to read any comments I may have just like reading an adult bedtime story

It not only tucks me in at night with all good thoughts and gets my imagination spinning like a top

It makes me think of what I can do next time to dazzle the mind

I want to quake my body to correctly thinking everything in life is just as exciting and fresh

I want to have that thrill with that unknowing feeling of what comes next

I want to take out all the bad and replace it with good

The only way I can do that is by pushing all my buttons as if I was a typewriter and all my keys were pushed at once

My age is starting to show

I am having flashbacks

No that's no good that would cause all your keys to jam for those who remember

How about me multitasking and getting three things done at once

My wife does it often and I am sometimes lucky to do one thing and do it right

She can talk on the phone and be watching her t.v. program and then get up in the middle of it to pop some popcorn and then throw our kitten a cat toy while getting undressed and into p.j's then ask me if I want some popcorn and then be looking at todays mail that she had no time to read

I on the other hand am trying to read a hub and say to my wife when she calls out my name wait honey I am in the middle of a hub I will be with you in a minute because if I stop I will loose my spot and and train of thought

So there you have it two totally different people trying to get what they feel is important done

I am focused and I have but one goal to do something to the best of my ability

If I tried doing what she does it wouldn't work

I would forget who I was talking to and what we were talking about

Be lost on my t.v. program

Maybe I would have got the pocporn right maybe not

I wouldn't be happy with either

I would slowly start to get irritated because I am missing out

I forgot in the middle of all this she was making a grocery list for tomorrow

She got a call from someone from work and put them on hold

Because she wants to talk about a problem they are having with their supervisors

She gets it all done and I see her do it

It is a talent and I am happy one of us has it

I don't have it but I can get the benifits of it

Without the aggrivation

After I finished reading I said abruptly what is it I was reading a good story

I don't bother you while your watching t.v.

She stops for a minute and says I just wanted to know if you wanted some popcorn

As I change my tune almost instantly

I said oh sure that sounds good thank you

By the way the computer is going slow do you know why?

I will look at it in a minute

Here I go asking her to do one more thing and I didn't even realize it

Well what I am trying to say I notice what you do and what I don't do

Thank you for doing it so well

We are a team and we have our weak links

Luckily for me my wife sees them before disaster strikes

So we can fix them and make them stronger because we are never going to be perfect

So as the time has passed and I have to go to bed or I will be dragging my keester tomorrow

My eyes half shut and I won't be able to concentrate

Because I am not my wife who is like one of those Swiss Army knives with 32 functions

When things get complicated she makes them look easy

Goodnight for now because I am too too sleepy


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 6 years ago

      Dim Flaxenwick I am glad the combination works.What if we were both like me?We would get nothing done.If we were both like my wife life would be crazier than it is now.We have found a balance that makes life so much fun.I love that you also share life in some of the same ways.It means a lot to me.Sometimes I think how can I be the only one that sees this.Now I can say Did This Ever Happen To You? Have a great day and thanx for reading.

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 6 years ago from Great Britain

      Oh this was so funny." My husband is like your wife and as for me......... only yesterday my hubby called me from the kitchen, and l shouted , just a minute, i´m in the middle of a hub.........

      thank you for making me feel normal.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 6 years ago

      Clairepeek Off to work with little sleep. Your comment made it worth it.Have a great day.

    • Clairepeek profile image

      Clairepeek 6 years ago

      Dream On, you made me laugh this morning ^_^ This is a beautiful message to your wife! I saw many likenesses with my own life, which shows how much we all are in the same boat after all. I loved everything about this great hub, and especially the comparison with the Swiss Army knife (with 32 functions)... real funny and undeniably so true.

      Hope you had a good night sleep after this.